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  • YOu ARe THe BESt!

    WOW! you are THe best voice actor EVEr! Not only do you voive the Bloo from Foster's Home For imaginary Friends! But you also voiced vrious people from Family Guy! You so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so!!! Toatally rock! May i say that you voicing Bloo was THe best idea the show's producers ever made! I mean seriously! No matter who you probaly voice, they would so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so TOTALLy rock! And that's why i gave you a pefect score of 10!
  • Brings out the best of blue!!!

    Keith Ferguson, the voice of blue in The Foster's Home of Imaginary Freinds, is one of the best voice actors i've ever
    heard. When the series first began, I thought that the voice of blue was probably some little kid, because that's exactly what he sounded like!!! You would never imagine that it was actually an adult!!! What I think his best quality is that he make such good moderations in his voice.Specially when he whines or pleads or protests, he sounds just like my little sister, who's 6!I don't think there's anyone out there who can play bloo better than him and I give him 2 Thumbs up!!!
  • Simply hilarious as Bloo!

    This guy has got a voice like no other! It's so individual... and there's something you just have to like about it. His work on Bloo is genius, he gives Bloo such life, and come on... he makes it so funny! All the lines are delivered perfectly. He definently deserves more major roles in more cartoons.
  • Keith Ferguson Rules,I love Bloo

    Keith Ferguson Rules,I love Bloo.He does a great voice for Bloo in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends he needs to do more voices for other animation shows he might be good at doing only one voice but he need to do other voices for other animated shows,Keith Ferguson you rule.
  • Ferguson was made to be Blooregard Q. Kazoo. This man needs to do more shows. He's great at what he does for Cartoon Network's 'Foster's'

    I would love to make a lengthy review for this individual, but it won't be long enough. I notice that voice-over actor, Keith Ferguson, has done work primarily doing videogame character voices. I'm not certain if I've actually heard any of his other works, but one thing I know that I've heard is that he does an outstanding job providing the voice of everyone's favorite blue mischievous, loveable thing named Blooregard Q. Kazoo (or 'Bloo' for short) on Cartoon Network's hit series, 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.' In the more recent episodes, Ferguson's role as Bloo has really improved quite dramatically. I've also listened to a clip of Ferguson's demo from a website, and wow....he is definitely great! This guy deserves to be in more animated programs, etc. He knows how to perform.
  • Utterly Hilarious

    Being a fan of Foster's obviously i would think this, but this guy is brilliant, does an amazing job with 'Blooregard Q Kazoo' sounds perfect, so funny, hes a real nice guy too,He kindly submitted his full biography for my website also you can view is demo reel at ced talent agencies website just search for Keith Ferguson.
  • Keith (Bloo)- is of the chain!!! He makes that catoon worth to watch!

    Keith who plays the voice of "Bloo" in Foster's Home for Imagenary Friends, is extremly talented. The character "Bloo" cracks me up!!!! He is the best one on that cartoon! When one of the episodes don't show that muchabout Bloo it makes me cry!!! I love Bloo, he is the best!!!!
  • Keith has an amazing voice he is so funny and is a wonderful voice actor. I love Bloo and Im sure I wouldnt like him as much if anyone else did his voice.

    I love Foster's home for imaginary friends the voice talent on the show is great. Bloo sounds like bloo Mac like Mac....ex....Just wonderful. bloo is so my favorite and I love the voice! JUst love it! Its just something about it, its funny.I think Keith is a great voice actor and he should have much success