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  • very fine actor

    I just loved Keith as Tyr! I also loved him as Noah Keefer in AMC! He is such a great

    actor and very hot too! Love his looks and bod! I'd love to see more of him on TV or in the movies. keithslady51
  • Great actor.

    Love him on AMC.
  • My rave about Keith Hamilton Cobb

    I'm Julia Dmitriyeva from St-Petersburg, Russia.
    I want to tell my opinion of actor Keith Hamilton Cobb. Keith is great, inimitable actor with immense many-sided talent. He has amazing ability to express the strongest emotions and feelings without words, he can show incredible deep of emotions. His mimicry is just great. He plays always by his heart, his soul. Keith is always so much genius, talented and gorgeous. Everyone of his characters is a colorful person with own individuality. I mean their self-respect, intelligence, tremendous charm, gentle sense of humor. And it’s great. The expressive penetrating thoughtful gaze with incredible deep of emotions, the light raising of your eyebrows, light smile and – words aren’t necessary. His unique typical of he only a play, gestures, a mimic, plus an excellent understanding every role and incredible deep of emotions make each character unforgettable and colorful.
    What a shame after his leaving Soap The Young & The Restless there aren’t any news about him and his next creative plans.
    But I hope Keith will let us know about himself soon.