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  • Mr. Keith Jackson while being one of the biggest names in sports is also bias in the sportscasters booth of the 2005/6 National Championship game in California. Tonight he is so pro U.S.C. that I, a Florida Gator can disearn his favorite team very easily.

    Keith Jackson and Dan Fouts are calling tonites National Championship game between Texas and U.S.C. on ABC. And while they are obviously in agreement that U.S.C. is \\\"super talented with 2 Heisman Trophy winners\\\" they are becoming more like Spielman was during the Outback Bowl between Fla. and Iowa. Mr. Spielman was so upset with the officiating that he was useless. And now I\\\'m hearing the same grumblings from Keith Jackson. If someone has his e-mail i\\\'d love to tell the man that, and I quote,\\\" Mr. Jackson please stop being so bias in your broadcasts, and if you cannot do that then please retire. \\\"I really don\\\'t like having to listen to anyone thats so partisan for one team or the other. Keith be fair or be quiet. Jimmy Hobson
  • WHOA NELLIE! Nobody is college football more than Keith Jackson. He celebrates his 40th anniversary in 2005, and there is nobody better.

    For the past four decades, Saturday afternoons in the fall has meant the soothing voice of Keith Jackson. Who would have thought that this graudate of Washington State would become as synonomous with college football as Bear Bryant, the Four Horsemen and Amos Alonzo Stagg? But Jackson is THE VOICE of college football, and when he leaves for good, it will be a sad, sad day for all football fans.

    He is also an immensely diverse broadcaster. Keith has done so many other sports--MLB, NBA, the Olympics, Wide World of Sports--and has done a tremendous job with all of them. But this man is, was and always will be, Mr. College Football. There never has been or never will be another one like him.