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    • Moon was asked to join Jimmy Page's new band in 1968 which later became Led Zeppelin.

    • Moon wrote the first verse of "Won't Get Fooled Again."

    • In 1971, Keith had a cameo role in Frank Zappa's film 200 Motels. He acted in drag as a nun fearful of death from overdosing on pills.

    • Because Keith wasn't the best singer in the world, he was banned from the studio when vocals were being recorded. This led to an on-going game with Pete Townshend, in which Keith would try to sneak into the room to join the singing. At the tail end of "Happy Jack" Townshend can be heard shouting "I saw ya!" as he notices Keith once again trying to join in.

    • On September 6, 1978 - Keith attended a party thrown by Paul McCartney in honour of the movie The Buddy Holly Story. It would be his last night out before his death.

    • Keith used to frequently claim that he drove a Lincoln into a Holiday Inn swimming pool for his 21st birthday; contrary to popular belief, he didn't.

    • Keith's only attempt at a solo project was the album Two Sides of the Moon released in 1975.

    • It was once estimated that the total damage wreaked by Keith around the world over a span of 14 years was £250,000, or about $500,000.

    • Keith was once involved with "Groupie Diva" Pamela Des Barres.

    • Keith was infamous for appearing in public dressed as Hitler, a nun, and in various other ladies attire.

    • Keith was once a front-row guest at one of The Monkees's London concerts; countered the fans' cries of "We want The Monkees!" by bellowing "We want The Who!" as loudly as anyone.

    • The first instrument Keith ever played was the bugle.

    • Keith's public image was so pronounced that the Muppets character, Animal, whose credo is "Drums. Women. Food." was inspired by Moon.

    • Keith shared a house in Los Angeles with John Lennon, May Pang, Ringo Starr, Klaus Voormann, and Harry Nilsson in 1974; it was the same place where Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe had met for trysts in the early 1960s. They called it their "rock-n-roll rest home", and Keith was fond of coming down to breakfast wearing a trenchcoat slit up the back... and nothing underneath.

    • Keith had one child, daughter Mandy, born on July 12, 1966.

    • On the cover of the last Who album recorded with Keith, he is pictured seated in chair upon which the words "Not to Be Taken Away" are stenciled. Keith died within weeks of the album's release.

    • Keith was the Godfather of Zak Starkey (Beatle Ringo Starr's son).

    • Keith was the youngest member of The Who.

    • Keith was an avid fan of the "surfer sound" of the 60's. A couple of his favourite bands were The Beach Boys and Jan and Dean.

    • Keith was the Dedicatee of the published script of Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979).

    • Keith was approximately 5' 9" (1.75 m).

    • Keith was married once to Kim Kerrigan in March, 1966. They divorced in 1975.

    • Keith's nickname was "Moon the Loon."

    • Keith's ashes were scattered at Golders Green Crematorium, London, England in section 3P.

    • Keith joined The Who in late 1964. Prior to that, he played drums for a surfing band called The Beachcombers.

    • Keith once packed too much flash powder in his base drum during an appearance on the Smother's Brothers Comedy Hour, causing it to explode. This not only caused Pete Townshend's hair to catch fire, but Moon was injured as well.

    • Keith was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as a member of The Who) in 1990.

    • Keith was ejected from a hotel suite after a night of nailing and strapping all the furniture to the ceiling.

    • Keith is often credited for giving Led Zeppelin their name. When Jimmy Page said he was going to start up a new version of The Yardbirds, Moon said in response "That it would go over like a lead zeppelin" - the name stuck.

    • Keith was responsible for The Who being banned from every Holiday Inn for life in the United States after creating a ruckus while celebrating his 20th birthday at the Flynt, Michigan.

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