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  • he is way too arrogant I always thought so even when he was with the sports networks.

    I think it's funny how biased he is and he choses to ignore it. He is like Saddam was when he said that the U.S. wasn't at the Baghdad airport and there was footage that showed the U.S. troops were in fact at the Baghdad airport. I'm not saying Bill O'reilly isn't biased, but Olberman is just as bad and his fans either just ignore it because he is telling them what they want to here, or they are oblivious to it. I did a paper on agenda setting in college and this is a classic case of that. I really just can't stand how smug, cocky, and arrogant he is when he really has nothing to be smug, arrogant, or cocky about.
  • Best Known For JUMANJI!

    his favorite catch pharse was JUMANJI he said this reguarly in sportscenter when he was an anchor there. his new show on MSNBC countdown isnt the best but can still be funny and imformational at the same time! Keith is funny and makes all of his shows very fun to watch!