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Keith Powell


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Keith Powell


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Keith Powell, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an American actor noted for his work on both the stage and the television screen. He is currently starring as "Toofer", named as such because he is black and went to Harvard, on the NBC television series 30 Rock.


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    • Keith: (About getting cast in 30 Rock) I was working on my theatre company in Delaware. I had a meeting with an agent about a designer. I had gotten friendly with the agency over the years because I hired some of their designers. They asked if they could submit me for this television project. I said, 'Sure.' When I got the sides for 30 Rock. I said, 'It's my part to lose.' I knew the character very well. Thank God, they agreed.

    • Keith: (When asked about relationships in his life) I've always been curious about how relationships last for 40 years. My relationships haven't lasted very long, or I'd be married now. To be quite frank, in the family I come from, that's never happened, with one exception. I have a great aunt, my grandmother's sister, who's been married 50 years.

    • Keith: I'm kind of a workaholic, I've always been able to provide for myself an environment where I'm busy, working in the theatre or in the profession that I love.

    • Keith: I tell this to interns who work for me over the summer: You have the power, especially in the theatre, to form your own career. Will you get paid is another story. Don't wait for parts to come to you.

    • Keith: (When asked about working on 30 Rock) I laugh far too much at work for it to be work. I think our goofing off when the cameras are off is just as funny as the material. It doesn't feel like a job. I love going to work every day. Everybody on the set gets along. There's no ego battle. Everybody's really supportive of each other. Even if I didn't get the part, I'd still be watching this show.

    • Keith: Not enough actors in this world are passionate about learning what to do and how to do it. They want to get the big jobs. They don't really care about working. Do it for the love first and the money second.