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Keith Robinson

Keith Robinson


Kentucky, USA

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Keith Robinson (III)
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Keith Robinson is an American actor and R&B singer. Robinson was born in Kentucky, grew up in Augusta, Georgia, and later moved to Atlanta. While attending the University of Georgia, Robinson signed a recording contract with Motown Records, although the label never issued any of his material. Moving…more


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  • Your biggest fan!

    I am truly one of your biggest fans. A few years back, I watched Fat Albert with my daughter and I liked you instantly. Your true character shines through in your acting. In Dreamgirls, I was hooked. You played the role with such passion. You are such a wonderful, talented man with a sincere way about you. You are the type of man I would choose for a husband. Anyway, keep up the excellent work. Choose your roles wisely. Please stay true to yourself and don't let hollywood corrupt you. Money and fame is not everything. Stay grounded. Allow God to lead you.moreless
  • Good job !

    Keith, this is your fan from Hong Kong. I knew you when I watched the "Dream Girls", I envied your talent and voice. Especailly, when you sang the song, "Family", it is great / fabalous. It can tell it comes from your bottom of the heart. It made me cried when I heard this song. Because I know it's hard to say something to your beloved... Besides, I'd love the part your dancing performance. Don't you beleive that you dance very, very good. On the other hand, you eyes can tell the story and what kind of message you want to deliver. It's great... Good job ! I am quite sure you must have a lot of fans from other countries. You're my idots now... I think I will start to search for your albums in Hong Kong... Really, really to Look forward to seeing your great performance soon.moreless