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Keith Silverstein

Keith Silverstein

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  • New to voice acting.........

    This man is currently doing the voice for Kimimaro for the anime Naruto. I must say, I'm loving his voice. Although it is way different from the Japanese, different can be better. I thought for sure it was going to suck, but I was in for a surprise. I feel he is delivering his lines better than the Japanese VA so far. I hope to hear his voice more in the future, even if it's not Kimimaro. He has probably done a little more than just Naruto, and if he did I want to hear it so I can compare. Overall, nice going Keith.moreless
  • I can't say anything bad about him cause he is new to voice acting.

    I heard him as the voice of Kimimaro Kaguya on Naruto and I didn't like it he sounded dull I never heard his voice in the Japanese version but he sounded cool unlike in the dub. I also heard he voiced on Tokko and Har and Guu but I never heard his roles on those either. No one has submitted anything on this guy since he is new to voice acting. I give him a 3.0 cause he didn't very well as Kimimaro Kaguya but I don't hate this man cause he is new and it wouldn't nice to say mean things about someone who is new.moreless