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  • Led out to dry!

    I thought that Kel was led out to dry after
    Stupid Jerri tricked the others about him having beef jerky
    In his backpack and that only Marilyn and Keith apologized to that
    Jerri tried to but in a way, I am glad that Kel didn't really accept her apology because I thought that apology was fake.
    If you ask me because Jerri is fake!
  • Kel was a great player who tried to be completely honest on Survivor but got tripped up by the low devious tricks of Jerri Manthey.

    Kel busted his butt while the rest of his tribe laid around feeling sorry for themselves. He ran into two bits of bad luck: 1- He was on the same team as Jerri, 2- He didn’t catch any fish.

    If he had caught fish in the first couple of days, no one would have cared about Jerri’s story that Kel had beef jerky. If the rest of the team wasn’t so eager to take the word of a large breasted Hollywood bargirl over an active duty Army Officer, he would have gone farther.

    This is not to be construed that I believe Kel’s claims that he didn’t sneak any jerky into the outback. I don’t see why you wouldn’t if you thought you could. Plus, production people have confirmed his jerky possession. I just don’t think he should have been kicked out early.