Kel Mitchell

Kel Mitchell


8/25/1978, Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Birth Name

Kel Johari Rice Mitchell



Also Known As

Kel Johari Rice Mitchell
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Chicago native Kel Mitchell, the thin, hyperactive half of the [i]Kenan & Kel[/i] comedy team, made his television debut on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series "All That". Although his previous experience was only in community theater, the teenaged Mitchell enhanced the series with popular characters like Ed the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Kel also appeared as the mean landlord in the last season of One-On-One when they were in college.

    • Kel has rapped in a song along side the pop group Youngstown, in their song Pedal to the Steal.

    • He has made 6 different appearances on Nickelodeon:

      All That
      Figure It Out
      Good Burger
      Kenan and Kel
      Cousin Skeeter
      The Amanda Show

    • When he appeared on Sister, Sister, he appeared with his pal, Kenan Thompson.

    • Kel is a part of the group called Minds After Future Thought (M.A.F.T).

    • When he was 13 years old, he was in Dirt, which was a Chicago theater show.

    • Along with Kenan Thompson, he studied at the Santa Monica College in California.

    • He has two sisters, one is older and one is younger.

    • In his song Same Curl, he parodies Same Girl by R. Kelly and Usher Raymond. The song's lyrical content makes fun of Michael Jackson's curly hair in the 80s.

    • Here is a list of his parodies of several hit songs on his MySpace:

      Scariest Girl is a parody of Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston
      Hot Grease Poppin is a parody of Big Thomas Poppin (Do It) by T.I.
      Same Curl is a parody of Same Girl by R. Kelly and Usher Raymond.

    • He provided rap vocals as his Good Burger character Ed on Immature's Billboard Hot 100 in the top 40 with his hit Watch Me Do My Thing in 1996.

    • On his appearance on The Amanda Show, he was on it with Amanda Bynes, who worked with him on All That.

    • He was first on All That when he was 17 years old, and was on for 5 years.

    • He started acting when he was 13 years old.

    • Kel was in 4 different movies/TV shows with Kenan Thompson. They are:

      Good Burger
      All That
      Kenan and Kel
      Figure It Out

      They are all from Nickelodeon.

    • Kel is 5'11" feet tall (1.80m).

    • An internet rumor that Kel had died of unknown causes, was spread around the web and gained popularity as an urban legend. It said that he died in his Los Angeles home in July of 2006.

    • Kel Mitchell won the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Blimp Award for Favorite TV Actor in 1999, and was nominated in 1998 for Favorite TV Actor but lost in the KCA.

    • In 2001-2002, Kel was nominated 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program playing T-Bone on Clifford The Big Red Dog.

    • Kel got married to Tyisha Hampton on October 16, 1999. They were divorced in 2005.

    • Kel likes to write music and design jewelry.

    • Kel has two kids named Allure and Lyric.

    • Kel appears in Kanye West's Video All Falls Down as the luggage collector at the beginning of the video.

    • Kel recorded one Rap song titled We're All Dudes, which was played in the movie he acted in, Good Burger, with his partner Kenan Thompson.

    • Starred in Kenan & Kel with friend Kenan Thompson. He played Kel, the obnoxious friend of Kenan. Kenan's little sister, Kyra (played by Vanessa Baden), had a huge crush on Kel. Kel also loved orange soda and frequently got him and Kenan into trouble of it.

    • He wrote a short story entitled "The Big Director" for Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul.

  • Quotes

  • kel is an amazing actor who started out in all that and moved w/ his all that co-star onto kenan and kel

    kel is so funny in everything he does..that guy that says jupiter all the time..repairman, which me and my friends like always did at school..and so many others..oh yea the coach was always funny and they used kel's whining in there and dramatization of like everything..i think one of his most memorable roles was ed tho..b/c noone else could do ed like he could..he was so funny and brought so much to that character..kel can also sing which is wonderful..on kenan and kel i loved his whole orange soda bit and when kenan would leave him on stage he did his whining and then ah here it goes..he is such a great comedian and actor and im not sure what hes doing nowadays but i cant wait to see more of his stuffmoreless
  • This guy is too funny.

    Kel Mitchell was born sometime in 1978 in Chicago and he's so talented. He is just way too funny. Especially on Good Burger. He was so funny on it! He made me laugh a lot. He was also on All That, and in the skit Good Burger he was funny too. He was great in Kenan and Kel, and was so funny. He loves orange soda lol. He was a panelist on Figure It Out and he was one of my favorite of them. He is also a rapper and a comedian. And he is divorced with 2 kids. Hard to believe right? So overall, he's so talented and funny.moreless