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  • Leave Kelli Alone

    Kelli Giddish is a wonderful young actress and lady. If you're that unhappy with her character in the show, make a positive suggestion for change or don't watch. Amanda Rollins is always in turmoil. I'm sure there are plenty of secrets to come on why her life is the way it is. There is lots of pain that has yet to be revealed. I'm looking forward to many more seasons of Kelli Giddish. I hope that most of you are too.
  • Get rid of her!

    Kelli Giddish is and has always been a lousy character whether it was on Chaser or Law & Order SVU> Get her off L & O SVU---she is ruining the show's enjoyment for many fans of the show!!!!!!
  • Brilliant

    I think she's a really amazing actress. I've only come across her recently in Law and Order SVU - it never registered with me that it was her in The Good Wife - probably focusing a bit too much on Archie ;) Really hope Rollins sticks around in SVU for a while. Mariska is absolutely amazing but it's good to have another female detective on them team!
  • Has quickly become one of my favorite actresses!

    Highly talented and does her own stunts. Originally saw her in her new role on SVU and became curious. Watched Chase and I loved it!! I've caught up on most of her roles and look forward to anything she lands in the future. :)
  • Nice actress.

    Like on SVU. Hated on AMC.
  • Chase

    Hi I think chase is amazing all the cast are fantastic. Will there be another series. Thanks yvonne
  • Kelli Giddish currently plays Di Henry on All My Children.

    I've only recently started watching All My Children regularly in the last few months, ever since they announced that Passions has been canceled, and I have to say that Kelli plays the role of Di very well. Di has instantly become one of my favorite characters on All My Children. The way Kelli looks kind of reminds me of the actress Liza Huber from Passions, Susan Lucci's (Erica Kane on All My Children) daughter. I haven't seen a whole lot of Di on All My Children yet, but from what I have seen of her character, I have to say that I really like both the character and Kelli Giddish. All in all, Kelli Giddish is a very good actress, and I can't wait to see what the world has in store for her.