Kelli Williams





6/8/1970 , Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Kelli Renee Williams




Kelli Williams was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, USA. She saw the light of this world for the first time on 8th of June 1970. She always wanted to act, mainly because she grew up around it. Her mom, Shannon Wilcox, is an actress so it's no wonder Kelli have grown to like acting as it had huge influence on her. Her father John Williams is a plastic surgeon.

Kelli attended elementary school at the Lycee Francais, where an older schoolmate was Jodie Foster. She then went to Beverly Hills High where she took some acting courses. Kelli has said in numerous interviews that she basically went to Beverly high because of acting. They used cameras and filmed each other in scenes which for Kelli was really great experience. In fact she got her very first agent as a teen on the strength of a school play performance at Beverly Hills High.

Her family had lots of animals, one of them was a goat named Kiddo that saved Kelli's life when she was 10. Her parents divorced when she was only 13. She has one brother and 2 half brothers.

Kelli earned her Screen Actors Guild card before her first birthday by appearing in a diapers commercial. Kelli started acting full time at 18.

Kelli got married to writer, Ajay Sahgal, in 1996. She gave birth to their son a week after they wrapped season 2 of The Practice. Kiran Ram (Kiran is the Hindu word for "ray of light") was born in May 1998. Kelli likes simple things. Her favorite Hindu god Ganesh, "the remover of obstacles".

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