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  • I love Kellie Pickler, then again, what person with a heart could hate her?

    The cute little country blonde hails from small town Albemarle in North Carolina. She sure looks good in a pair of red high heels, and still manages to make you cry with her emotion packed songs on "Small Town Girl." I just know Kellie will be embraced by the country music industry. She also has charm and wit that will take her far in life.
  • Awesome artist with a wonderful voice!

    Oh, such an awesome artist! When I first heard her hit "Red High Heels", I loved that song! When I first heard OF it, I thought it was going to be a stupid song, but when I heard it, I thought it was an awesome song. I gotta tell ya, "Red High Heels" is a hit that you'll want to hear again and again and again. Her second song "I Wonder" was just simply touching as well.
  • finalist on American Idol.

    Kellie broke into the music business with her debut single "Red High Heels", she is a beautiful and talented singer, and her video for red high heels is not bad either.

    She was a finalist on American Idol, but since I don't watch the show, I never really heard of her until seeing her video for Red High Heels, and she is pretty good.

    It seems fitting that her first single is called "Red High Heels", because according to how many shoes she has she could open a shoe store.

    I hope she has a long and successful run on Country Music, because most new singers can't seem to cut it, but I think Kellie can.
  • Beautiful

    Kellie Pickler worked as a waitress just like Kelly Clarkson but not the same kind of waitress. Kellie Pickler is well known for her ditzy attitude and southern accent. Kellie is very good with upbeat songs an dshe has a very amazing voice that I sometimes like to listen to. But when it comes to ballads watch out... her ballads I fined them horrible, she can't sing ballads they jus aren't for her but I'm serious when it comes to upbeat songs she is the bomb. She is getting starte don a solo career which I think is great and she should do so much more!
  • The Most Missunderstood idol ever

    Kellie was the most missunderstood idol ever...many people said she was fake when she was being herself always...she didn\'t win the whole thing but the signed with BNA and will be very suceful because she's everything a idol shoud be...she\'s Beautiful,funny,sincere,nice and talented...words can describe how can this girl can go with her potencial...i don't think idol was the end of this gorgeus girl...was just the beggining because she\'s great!
  • A girl with a lot of talent and personality, but a desperate desire for attention.

    Kellie Pickler is an interesting girl. She sings very, very well. She also showed a great deal of personality throughout the fifth season of American Idol. However, Kellie seemed to be pretending to be clueless of many things so that people would think she was cute and would vote for her to send her through to the next round, week, after week, after week. I used to be a fan of hers, but then she started her little "act" and I suddenly got McPheever and switched my voting dedication to the talented Katharine McPhee, who I later found out was Kellie's roommate. Now I can barely stand Kellie Pickler.
  • kellie rocks. she's my american idol

    Kellie Pickler is the best and she's awesome. She is smart, pretty, funny, talented, and my american idol. boy! can she sing or what? she looks so good! I memorized all and I mean ALL her songs. they are:
    How far
    something to talk about
    only one
    blame it on the sun
    walking after midnight
    suds in the bucket
    bothered bewitched and bewilded
    and last but not least, unchained moelody

    but waaa!! she got eliminated. now I like paris but she got eliminated. but kellie rocks. she is cool. I am wearing her shirt now!! pick pickler even thught she's eliminated!! bye. pick pickler
  • Kellie is awesome

    Kellie is the best contestant on americna idol ever! bewitched, bothered, and bewilderd was OK, but she\'s still really talented. She is not a fake. Idon\'t care what all of you other people think, she is genuine. Fancy, How Far, and I\'m the Only One were her best performances. Please write what you think of Kellie. Go Kellie!
  • Cute, but not stupid. Talented, somewhat. Idol material, no way.

    While Kellie has that "it" factor when it comes to looks, we have way to many "I'm so naive" personas in Hollywood these days. Kellie, you want to compete with the big guys, then start sining like one. Stop that cute little girl routine, reach out a grab your audience, don't "dumb them down" and maybe you might have a better than average shot.
  • Sorry Kelly the dumb act just don't work.

    Kelly, sorry I think she is putting on just a bit.
    I think it is so much more sexy to be intellegent and not have to hide it, to feel sexy.
    You are cute and semi talented, but I do not believe for one minute you and Mandisa are in the same category. She should still be there. You however as far as talent should not be. Please do not get your feelings hurt. You have it all, but this show is bigger than you, not that you couldn't have a career but I do not see it. Good luck to you Kelly, but I do not feel you are the next American Idol. Be proud of who you are and of how smart you are. And you are smart.