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    • Kellie: (On how close she was to not auditioning for "American Idol") My grandpa and I went to Greensboro, N.C., together for the audition. There were like between 8,500 and 10,000 people there at the coliseum. I'm not going to lie. We sat down and everyone around us was doing vocal warm-ups and practicing their song. And I was really intimidated. Not just a little intimidated. I was very intimidated by everyone around me. And I looked at my grandpa and I stood up and said, 'Come on, Grandpa, let's go. There's no way in the world they're going to give me a second look!' And he said, 'Kellie, what have you got to lose?' And I said, 'You know what? Nothing. All I have to lose is that job at Sonic, so I'm just going to stay and wait it out.' And thank God I did because look at what I would have missed out on. So, you should never doubt yourself because you never, ever know what's around the corner.

    • Kellie: (On Taylor Swift) I'm crazy. She's sane. She keeps me in line. She takes care of me! She's only 19 but she's already a smart businesswoman and an incredible songwriter. And she's great with her fans.

    • Kellie: (On whether she's ever been the victim of a tour prank)We were doing a cover of '9 to 5,' and Brad's (Paisley) whole band came out and sabotaged us. One of the guys was dressed like a pimp, and he made it look like I was working '9 to 5' on a street corner - like I'm hooker! He kept going, 'Where's my money?' And then the biggest guy in the band came out dressed in drag, with red stilettos and a blond wig - he was supposed to be me.

    • Kellie: (On her idea of the perfect date with her boyfriend) I'm so lazy. I'm on the road all the time working, so when I'm at home, my perfect date is just laying on the couch!

    • Kellie: I know it sounds weird, but I just have a thing for giraffes. I got to wondering if you could own a giraffe and if so, how much would a giraffe cost?

    • (about her talents)
      Kellie: Dancing, gymnastics, and shopping for shoes!

    • Kellie Pickler: I should be the American Idol because I deserve it.

    • (On winning American Idol)
      Kellie Pickler: If I win, I'll buy my grandpa the biggest beach house so we can go fishing together.

    • Reporter: If you don't make it on American Idol, what will you do?
      Kellie Pickler: I will always try to pursue music!

    • Reporter: Who is your American Idol?
      Kellie: My grandma.

    • Reporter: If you win, who will you thank first?
      Kellie: God, Grandma, Grandpa, family, friends and American Idol!

    • Reporter: What TV show would you most like to guest star on?
      Kellie Pickler: I've done The Ellen Show. That's my favorite show.

    • Reporter: What did you miss most about Albemarle besides family and friends?
      Kellie: Definitely the food! I'm telling you there's nothing like southern cooking.

    • Kellie: I'm going to pursue music. As well as TV and film.

    • Reporter: What are your personal goals in life?
      Kellie: To live a long happy life.

    • Reporter: Do you have any rituals or things you do each time you perform?
      Kellie: PRAY!

    • Reporter: What has been your proudest moment in life so far?
      Kellie: Overcoming family obstacles.

    • Reporter: Most embarrassing moments?
      Kellie: Telling Paula, Randy, and Simon that I was sweating so bad that I had to wipe my arm pits.

    • Reporter: When did you first start to sing?
      Kellie: Before I could talk! Ha! Ha!