Kelly Bishop

Kelly Bishop


2/28/1944, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Birth Name

Carole Bishop



Also Known As

Carole Bishop
  • Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop on Bunhea...
  • Kelly Bishop on Bunheads Season 1.
  • Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop on Bunhea...
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Veteran actress Kelly Bishop has portrayed many memorable roles in film, television and the theater since her breakout performance as one of the original cast members of the hit Broadway musical A Chorus Line. The Colorado Springs native grew up in Denver, Colo., where she trained to be…more


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    • Kelly: (What drew her to Gilmore Girls) The pilot was simply the best script I ever read.

    • Kelly: (About her current character on Gilmore Girls) I would never be Emily's friend in real life. She's so opinionated and status quo - definitely not my kind of woman.

    • Kelly: I have played a couple of nice moms in my career but, in my opinion, playing nice is a complete bore! The nastier they are the more fun they are.

    • Kelly: My friends and neighbors get such a kick out of watching me on television and in movies. They see me do and say things that I would never even think of doing in my real life. They just think it is hysterical, especially when I play mean.

    • Kelly: My relationship with Lauren is nothing like the roles we play on the show. I am just crazy about my girls. Practically from the moment [Lauren and I] met, we had an instant connect. We never even had to discuss what we wanted to do with our roles. It's as if we have this emotional shorthand.

  • who doesn't like Kelly Bishop?

    fell in love with Emily Gilmore on the Gilmore Girls and Fanny from Bunheads. love these characters Kelly Bishop played.

  • Kelly Bishop, I wish she was my Mum.

    I absolutely love Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore. She embodies the role. With a sassy, get it done and do it correctly, professionalism. She exudes and drips class with every bit of her tongue. But can not help letting out her unique individual flairs... her haughtiness is overcome by her insecurities. And a tender heart beats underneath her pearls and cashmere. I applaud this actress... Simply put, she's my favorite. I wish she did more and i wish when I watched dirty dancing I payed a bit more attention I mite just have to watch it again and try to spot her out.moreless