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    • Kelly: (What drew her to Gilmore Girls) The pilot was simply the best script I ever read.

    • Kelly: (About her current character on Gilmore Girls) I would never be Emily's friend in real life. She's so opinionated and status quo - definitely not my kind of woman.

    • Kelly: I have played a couple of nice moms in my career but, in my opinion, playing nice is a complete bore! The nastier they are the more fun they are.

    • Kelly: My friends and neighbors get such a kick out of watching me on television and in movies. They see me do and say things that I would never even think of doing in my real life. They just think it is hysterical, especially when I play mean.

    • Kelly: My relationship with Lauren is nothing like the roles we play on the show. I am just crazy about my girls. Practically from the moment [Lauren and I] met, we had an instant connect. We never even had to discuss what we wanted to do with our roles. It's as if we have this emotional shorthand.