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  • High overused.

    She has been highly overused as the, let's say immoral model/actress/adult video star Kimber. They seem to be just grasping at story lines for her, especially these last two seasons. It seems like they are just looking for a place to put her because she happens to be there and throwing in some drama because that is what the show in known for. No quips around the drama at all, not even the drama surrounding her character but she's just so overused on the show I find myself getting really tired of her.
  • I think she did better in the early seasons of nip tuck.

    Kelly Carlson was my favorite when she first appeared on nip tuck. But I think they gave her a kind of bad part. She is trying to do well but the part they gave her really changed here attitude from the first season. But she s doing pretty good. I hope they start giving her better parts. I think they shouod put her in another TV show cause she is going to get arested here in the next episode. I heared she is suposed to be staring in a movie. She will more than likely be good. Cause she is way to hot to be playing a scientology buff.
  • Perfect on "Nip/Tuck".

    Great actress.
  • Gorgeous does not do her justice. There's no one on TV who's harder to keep your eyes off of.

    I wish her role on Nip/Tuck were expanded, as Kelly is (in my opinion) the hottest, sexiest woman on TV. She's done a great job making Kimber a likable, almost loveable, charachter, despite the situations the show has created for her. She steals the screen everytime she appears and I wish they'd keep her on it a little longer each episode.

    KELLY KARLSON is an amazing actress who if was given a chance to become the star of her own show would just be a success in ratings and would make any network a hit. This girl deserves a lot more attention I think that she is just planning this huge comeback with her own show. I think that a talk show will suit her well like Oprah or something.. but she will be better and richer, she could also comeback as the next Katie Couric or whoever else they have out on day time tv. Well i'm pretty sure that this girl will be a hit for many more years to come and get ready for her to take your televisions by storm.
  • Wow .. Kelly .. Kelly .. Kelly The most shining star ever this Century she's already giving us diffrent additions between being in studio or live or on tv or on video clips she's always diffrent but.. real talanted controls every ever


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  • Beautiful woman, inside and out.

    After seeing her spread in Stuff Magazine, I have decided that Kelly Carlson is one of the most beautiful, sexy, incredible creatures on the planet. She's very nearly perfect. I have not had the pleasure of seeing Nip/Tuck, but may have to catch it, now that I am aware that such a ravishing beauty is among the cast members. Would that she were mine...