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    • Kelly: Anything with children is an amazing cause, especially with people in other countries that don't have the technology that we're really, really lucky to have.

    • Kelly: Always pursue your dream. I know that sounds corny, but it's the truth. Don't take the safe route.

    • Kelly: (in a 2004 interview) I've never dated a celebrity, but I have to say, I've been advised not to date particular actors because of the ego thing. Without naming names, there are specific personalities out there that you don't want to date.

    • Kelly: I love being on site soaking in all the technical experience: how to work a camera, the lighting. That's why I want to produce.

    • Kelly: I love doing stunts! But, I'm also kind of an aggressive person anyways. I took Muay Tai for a few years, I love that stuff!

    • Kelly: (on finding happiness) I just try and take good care of myself and I try and stay on the path, like you can get kind of jaded out here. I stay real low profile, try and keep my eye on the ball and I just try and take care of myself. Do healthy things that are good for me. We all have our issues, that's for sure, but I think I'm a pretty happy person. I'm very stable, mentally and emotionally. I'm a very even keel person so I don't have too many problems.

    • Kelly: I've been told that I've been good in bed, but I don't know about the best.

    • Kelly: The paparazzi that I know are very kind to me and are very polite, and I'm very polite to them. They do play an important role in our careers, they really do.

    • Kelly: I'm pretty comfortable with my body and I work hard at it, but I'm certainly not perfect. It takes some getting used to. And you know what's funny? I noticed when I go to spas, because I go to spas a lot, if there's not a private changing room, you see the women kind of going, 'Go ahead, take off your clothes,' because they want to see if you really look like you do on television. They're kind of like, 'Okay, let's see your flaws.'

    • Kelly: (about appearing on men's magazines) A photographer, if he does his job, makes you feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet. To go through that process, it may be superficial, but it really does something to your self-esteem at that moment. Even if it's just then, you feel incredibly sexy and powerful.

    • Kelly: (on her encounter with a ghost) I was at this hotel in Cabo (Mexico). I was laying there and there was this guy standing over the bed and he had his arms crossed and he was mad.

    • Kelly: (about her psychic abilities) There are actual people that are in your house and I don't know who they are. They have no connection to me, I just see them. They say something to me and it usually makes no sense, like, 'I picked an orange today...'