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    Kelly Hu is one of my best favorite television actors there is today. She has done so many television work witch is very impressive. He is the best famous Hawaiian actress I ever know. And she is former a model. That is very cool. I wonder how she became impressive at acting. She has been active from acting for years from 1987 - Present. She even nominated for an MTV movie award. Its cool she was with MTV. She is a perfect television, and movie actress! Seriously. She is talented and popular. Everyone should see her talent and acting she does.
    Good luck for her!
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    Really good actress. It's surprising that we haven't heard more of her but she has the skills needed to be in this industry. She is still young but she has appeared in many major production and will be appearing in many more.
  • Hot action lady tries comedy.....and succeeds!

    I always though of Kelly Hu as an action star, until "In Case of Emergency" when she tried comedy and I think she has succeed. She is a beautiful woman and I'm in love with her.I wrote a letter to her once in support. A few years ago, I heard her on a radio show, and she is a sweet woman. She comes off her character as a sweet lady whose been in a bad relationship and she comes off as one of my favorite characters in the series. Kelly Who? Well, Kelly Hu, That's who! A very sexy lady!