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  • This petite, red headed actress was a familar face on TV and in movies over a span of about 20 years.

    Kelly Jean Peters is probaly best known for playing Lt. Anderson, a crush of Radars in an early episode of MASH and playing the wife of Dustin Hoffman who would be carried away by Indians in Arthur Penns underrated comic Western, Little Big Man. She always seemed to play kind of a girl next door type, then graduated to more mature roles in the 80s as motherly types. Looking at her credits, it would appear that she never really got what could be considered a breakout role. The closest she came was when she was cast as Gloria in the original pilot for All in the Family, but she would be replaced by Sally Struthers before the show ever saw the light of day. So she was destined to be one of those actors that people would see and say, "where have I seen her before, she looks so familar?" But I will always think of her as someone who had a certain appeal and charm. And someone who was very likeable.moreless