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  • Great person/actress/dancer.

    Love her.Wish GH would have the real kelly come out. In real life she is funny and super sweet. "Sam" is too depressing.
  • kelly monaco from general hospital is the worst and over-hyped actress in daytime history.kelly monaco can't act and she tries to remember her lines by waving her hands around like she has a mental problem.she is not that great looking with fake b00bs and

    a source said that kelly monaco was at night club plenty all the time at different nights and she ran into a couple of people and call them n-iggers.because kelly monaco is not that famous an alster if you will,it won't be reported because no one cares about this hack.kelly monaco is not that great looking and her personality stinks.when she is trying to remeber her lines its hard to watch and its annoying.guza and frons won't fire her because they like her fake b00bs to let her go.she is ruing geral hospital for all the people who watch itwas it.
  • I found her in the pages of Playboy!

    I first found Kelly Monaco in the pages of Playboy Magazine, she was beautiful back then and she still is today. I haven't saw "Dancing with the Stars" except in clips, but seeing her on the dance floor is wonderful. Can can pose nude for Plkayboy, and I still got that issue and appear in soap operas, but she can dance the night away on :"Dancing with the Stars." she's one of a kind. I'm madly in love with her. She's gorgeous and sexy. She's one of my favoirte playmates. Kelly Monaco does a lot more than pose nude. She gets an 10.
  • Beautiful and graceful and would have given her a ten but...

    I really liked her despite not liking soap operas as
    She really danced very good. Don't know why she ain't
    Gettting great offers after Dancing with the Stars first season last year.
    But I guess she loves the soap too much to leave.
    Really would had given her a ten had she not acted like a sore loser in the dance face off rematch.
  • kelly monaco is my favorie person in the world besies my family and i am very young to like her i sleep with her pic. by my bed she is the first person i look at at this site i would fanit if i met her i love her.

    she is my favorie person she rocks she is so cool and preety she warms my heart when watch her on gh she is so cool i love her to death she is the best actress and shold have won emmy my mom, grandma and frind are sick of hearing about her i want to be and actress just like her and on the same soap to i always think of a day just one day to be with her every time i hear a song that she danced to on dancing with the stars i think of her i love her so much. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kelly your hot and stay sexy and hotlove you kelly your so hot and i only watch gh b/c of you

    Kelly your hot and stay sexy and hotlove you kelly your so hot and i only watch gh b/c of you. i love you so much. i enjoy watching you and seeing you act is a joy to my life, i first heard of you on dancing with the stars and then i got hooked gh. you are so hot and gorgeous. your my hero. you are the coolest person ever. i love you alot and i watch you because i want to watch you. your so talented and hot and drop dead gorgeous and sexy. well i lov eyou alot kelly and i enjoy eatching you on gh
  • LOVE HER!!!

    kelly monaco has been my favorite actress since she was on port charles. then when she came to gh, which also happenes to be my favorite show, i was sooo excited. she is a great actress and a really nice person. and look at her, she is the prettiest girl in the world i think. oh, and the whole dancing with the stars thing was pretty cool too, especially how she WON!!! you go girl
  • She is gorgeous, works on a soap, a hot salsa dancer and what is wrong with that I think those are great qualities in a celebrity and a hot chick. so whats the matter with this Dancing with the stars thing. This is definitly one drop dead gorgeous chick,

    I myself think that she is drop dead gorgeous. For one she modeled for Playboy and she has a nice rack. so whats with the complaints about the Dancing with the stars and her winning shes hot and almost lost her top thats what I call a winner. So this is one hot chick.