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  • 2016/02/10

    Full Episode

    S 2016 : Ep 20160210 - 2/10/16

    Lulu asks Nathan and Maxie if they mind having her and Rocco as roommates. Elizabeth is relieved when Sam tells her that Jake had no part in her accident. Ava presents Julian and Alexis with a unique wedding gift. Paul tells Anna about his daughters, and she decides to investigate his previous family life. Julian asks Ava if she's running guns for Raj. Anna is followed by someone when she leaves the Floating Rib.

  • 2016/02/09

    Full Episode

    S 2016 : Ep 20160209 - 2/9/16

    Anna tells Andre she is keeping busy to get her mind off of Robin moving to California. Jake tells Elizabeth he killed Sam. Michael tells Sonny and Carly he's going to Puerto Rico to find Sabrina. An explosion occurs as Jason gets Sam out of Elizabeth's house. Dillon asks Paul why he really came back to Port Charles. Elizabeth tells Franco what she worries Jake may have done something. Jason rushes Sam to the hospital.

  • 2016/02/05

    Full Episode

    S 2016 : Ep 20160205 - 2/5/16

    Morgan experiences a side effect while making love to Kiki. Molly tells Kristina that she's going to stay with her. Sonny bonds with a stranger in the hospital chapel. Jake starts to tell Jason about Sam. Carly tells Elizabeth that she's here for her. Sam wakes up and sees the smoke filling the basement. Franco tells Nina if she wants a baby, then she has to dump him. Lucas is glad when Griffin Munro is the new neurosurgeon. Jason arrives at Elizabeth's and hears the smoke alarm.

  • 2016/02/04

    Full Episode

    S 2016 : Ep 20160204 - 2/4/16

    Valerie doesn't accept Lulu's apology. Morgan apologizes to Kiki for the spontaneous kiss. Nathan, Dante, Lulu and Maxie find themselves all at The Floating Rib. A man comes up to Hayden and addresses her as Rachel. Elizabeth is grateful when Jason brings Cameron to the hospital. Sam hallucinates seeing Jason, who remembers everything. Dante sees a flirtatious moment between Curtis and Valerie. Morgan tells Kiki he can't make love to her. Lucas tells Elizabeth there was a complication with Jake's surgery.

  • 2016/02/02

    Full Episode

    S 2016 : Ep 20160202 - 2/2/16

    Sonny gets word of Ava's incoming shipment. Morgan accuses Carly of making sure he goes to his therapy session. Paul wants Ava to go and meet with Dixon personally. Felix shares troubling news with Michael about Sabrina. Elizabeth tells Monica that Jake's condition is her punishment for what she did to Jason. Anna figures out Paul arranged for her and Robert to be arrested. Sam plugs in a heater, but it starts to short circuit. Morgan thanks Kiki for bringing Avery over to see Sonny.

  • 2016/02/01

    Full Episode

    S 2016 : Ep 20160201 - 2/1/16

    Kristina tells Parker she propositioned her because she wanted to have sex. Jake goes to check on Sam who lays unconscious. Franco shows Dr. Reynolds the pictures that Jake drew. Nina tells Olivia she's gonna use Crimson to get her message out there. Dante and Lulu come to a realization and both sign the divorce papers. Jason goes to look for Jake, who's run away. Julian is stunned when Alexis supports Olivia. Nina tells Franco she's still determined to have a child of her own. Sam starts to wake up.

  • Kelly Rutherford in Monaco for Emergency Custody Hearing



    Kelly Rutherford is in Monaco Thursday morning for a custody hearing with ex-husband Daniel Giersch over where the couples? two children; Hermes, 8, and Helena, 6; should live. NBC?s Keir Simmons reports for TODAY.moreless
  • Kelly Rutherford Ordered to Return Kids to Monaco



    ?Gossip Girl? actress Kelly Rutherford was dealt a blow in her custody battle when a judge ordered her to return her children back to their father in Monaco.
  • Kelly Monaco and Val's Stripped Down Reunion



    The season one champ makes a sizzling return!
  • Ep. #12983

    Full Episode

    S 51 : Ep 204 - 1/24/14

    Morgan tells Ava he feels he signed Duke's death warrant. Sonny traps Julian, and Duke lets out his frustrations on him. Mr. Nakamura tells Sam that Silas was the one that had that prescription filled, prompting Nathan to arrest Silas. Felicia lets Mac in on Lucy's secret that she slept with Scott, and says not to tell Kevin. Brad flashes back to when meeting Lucas about his criminal family in Port Charles. Julian comes home all bruised asking Morgan who he's working for him or Sonny. Mac arrives and punches Scott telling him to stay away from Lucy. Duke and Shawn ask Sonny what he plans to do with Morgan.

  • Ep. #12962

    Full Episode

    S 51 : Ep 183 - 12/19/13

    Sonny and Shawn realize that Carlos has taken T.J. has a hostage. Julian asks Bobbie who Lucas is when she gets an incoming call from him. Molly goes to Morgan saying that T.J. thinks Sonny had Carlos at his coffee warehouse. Felix tells Sabrina that Patrick will make his choice. Patrick tells Robin he'll be staying at the hospital so she can stay at the house while he figures everything out. Silas tells Ava he got a call from a cop and she realizes he doesn't want Sam knowing his secrets. Carlos is thrilled when Julian and Morgan come to his rescue. Molly sits and prays that T.J. will be okay.

  • Daddy Yankee, Kelly Monaco, Sophia Bush

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 2 - 11/6/05

    Segment #1 - Daddy Yankee is at a radio station for an interview and when he thinks he's off the air he says curses and people call in angry. Matt tells him he will have to pay a $463,000 fine. Segment #2 - Kelly Monaco parks in a restricted area and gets her vehicle towed. The crew switches her car and after telling her she has to pay $456, her car slips off the tow truck and gets smashed. Segment #3 - Sophia Bush is at a restaurant with Brittany Snow and another friend. Brittany wants to show Sophia a picture and leans over, knocking her drink onto Sophia and backs her chair into a waiter knocking Matt into a lobster tank and breaking it.moreless
  • Playboy Mansion

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 13 - 9/10/00

    Adam and Jimmy go to that den of masculinity, The Playboy Mansion, and show us a full hour of highlights from this season with segments including "In the Dogg House", "Laddy Sitters", "Karl Malone on Music", and "A Day at the Beach."moreless