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  • Kid of a famous father

    she has NO talent for TV riding on the tail coats of her famous father
  • Love her.

    Nice person.Great on DWTS.
  • Ew! Kelly is intrasting in a bad way!!!!!!

    Kelly Obourne is the daughter of Ozzy Obourne, and the reality show made her look like trash! She swears all the time, gets drunks, and acts like she the hottie of the world! Kelly isn't even that pretty to be honest, she's not ugly, but is nowhere near pretty. In a way, she looks like a dog. But her singing is so horrible!!! I didn't really get to see her acting, but I guess it couldn't be as bad as her singing!! I'm guessing if she lost of few pounds she'd be prettier then before! But thats just me!
  • wat an awsum chik!!!!

    OMG lov her 2 bits she is totally awsum! ! she is sooo confident about how she acts and what she chooses to wear i wish i wz like tht lol! ! i fink all the osbournes rok bt kelly has gotta be ma fave! ! she seems so comfortable wiv herself n doesn't seem 2 be affraid to be herself! ! her dress sence is amazin n i neva new she ad her own line of clothin till reacently! ! so i will av 2 chek it out lol! ! she mite not be like all the otha celebs bt tht y i like her soo much she is kinda like my idol! ! well tht bout it 4 now x x x x :)
  • Nothing but a bad mouth, spoilt,attitude, discusting young woman.

    I really can't stand the osbournes, especially Kelly. She is just pure spoilt, There is nothing talented about her whatsoever. The only reason she's sooooo talented (yeah right) and famous is just because she's the daughter of famous rock legend Ozzy osbourne (who I also can't stand) and the daughter of very well known music manager Sharon osbourne, thats only reason she's famous, without them she's nothing. she's just nothing but bad mouthing and a bad attitude and gets everything she wants and I bet those tits of hers aren't even real either after watching her guest appearance in a bears tail on channel 4, they look like plastic moulds. If your listening Kelly, your a nothing without mummy and daddy osbourne no matter what you say you spoilt little cunt(OOPPPSS I mean)PLASTIC CUNT!!!!!
  • With linda perry, they are a great team!

    i like most people when we first heared "shut up" we were wondering "whats up woth her lyrics"?
    they were pointless rhyming lyrics, that had no piont.

    When i first herd she was going to do work with linda perry, a great producer, who i admired from her solo career, (4 non blndes), and linda put out two recods "in flight" and "after hours", but didnt get any spotllight from them. Linda Hit the Spotlight again with p!nk and Xtina. she wrote them hit songs (get the party started, beautiful) so when i heard she was working with kelly i was waiting to hear the outcome. even though it took a few years to release the album it was worth the wait.

    sleeping in the nothing is a brilliant 80's dance music. its great it features her hit song "one word', "redlight" and other great hits.

    with linda perry by her side they are a GREAT team...

    (well linda rules)
  • Kelly Osbourne is great! She's paving her own way for herself, and not relying on her parents.

    I thought Kelly Osbourne was outstanding in her role on life as we know it. She played the self-conscious Deborah Tynan. She's an inspiration to girls struggling with their weight. I'm sorry that life as we know it didn't last longe--it was such a fabulous show! I hope she's on something again soon.
  • Kelly O. is opinionated and original.

    Kelly O. is opinionated and original. Though she has entered rehab twice, she has a fun sense of style and she has talent. Even though she got fame from the last name Osbourne, she did a great job on the tv show Life As We Know It and I think she sings better than Ozzy does.