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A native of State College, Pennsylvania, Perine has been in and around theater since birth. His father, a staple in their local community theaters, reared his son on stage productions and had him performing by the age of five. Perine's love of acting kept him active throughout his…more


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    • In theatre, Kelly Perine has performed in plays such as Great Day in the Morning as Johnnie and as Aeneas in Aeneid at the South Coast Repertory. At the Village Theatre (Irvine) he has played the part of Philander in Statements After An Arrest and as Peter in Romeo and Juliet. Kelly has also starred in Othello as Cassio at the Theatre for the 21st Century.

    • Some of Kelly Perine's athletic endeavors are baseball, boxing, golf, wrestling, and soccer.

    • In 2000, Kelly Perine starred in commercials for Collect 1-800-ATT and Motel 6.

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  • Kelly Perine is a great actor.

    Yes, that is a plain sentence to open up a review, but anything more and I might run out of anything else to put in the review. Anyways, Kelly Perine-though not the tallest guy around, (as if height makes a difference in acting) is a great actor. He plays as Flex's friend Duane in one of my favorite shows now, "One on One". Duane, though I don't think he played in any of the last season, was still up there for favorite character, maybe second or third behind Breanna and Arnaz.

    Speaking of height, what I kind of was talking about earlier in the review, I kind of find it that shorter actors, are funnier. I don't know, I guess maybe that they have to defend themselves more for their below average height, maybe their remarks make them funnier? I don't know, but it sure works for Kelly Perine. Great actor, and I hope his success as an actor continues as the time goes by.moreless