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  • Kelly Perine is a great actor.

    Yes, that is a plain sentence to open up a review, but anything more and I might run out of anything else to put in the review. Anyways, Kelly Perine-though not the tallest guy around, (as if height makes a difference in acting) is a great actor. He plays as Flex's friend Duane in one of my favorite shows now, "One on One". Duane, though I don't think he played in any of the last season, was still up there for favorite character, maybe second or third behind Breanna and Arnaz.

    Speaking of height, what I kind of was talking about earlier in the review, I kind of find it that shorter actors, are funnier. I don't know, I guess maybe that they have to defend themselves more for their below average height, maybe their remarks make them funnier? I don't know, but it sure works for Kelly Perine. Great actor, and I hope his success as an actor continues as the time goes by.