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    Good Morning, Kelly

    what happen to the end of

    the contest the show finish

    I did not get to see the end

    please show the winner,

    of the singing contest,, on

    May 08,2013

    THANK YOU, Rosalind Diaz . PLEASE SHOW IT!!
  • The bar is too high for me!

    Dear Kelly, I'm sure my life is just too one dimensional for the show. No wife and children; what else to talk about? What can viewers identify with? I go to Catholic Mass to see Priests and Nuns so I can identify with them. I will be 49 yrs old on Dec. 24 and I am having a bit more emotional difficulty this year. I think I could do something if I could be told what to say and do. I need to get back to Mass and a weekly social to feel better.
  • Not bad but...

    She is very annoying on her talk show.
  • get rid of APRILFOX

    I thought it was a joke that she actually is an editor for your....yes I said it YOUR show. The mean spirted comments she made about you and the show must show in her work and intrest in the show and the work environment. LOVE you Kelly I have been watching you on and off for years...people are horrid.
  • Sorry but....


    >I don't feel comfortable watching Kelly look at herself in the monitor ALL THE TIME throughout the show.

    >Please, PLEASE tell her to stop telling stories about her children!! Her stories are not as embarrassing as they use to be. I feel like she exaggerates so much that I GET UNCOMFORTABLE just watching!!! Stories are fake!!

    >I can't stand when she acts like 'SHE has to watch what she eats'!!!!!! THAT really urks me! She is a stick figure!!

    >LAST BUT NOT LEAST..I can't stand to hear about her tits!!!!! Its embarrassing & uncomfortable. If she isn't happy about her size then fix THEM...Until then SHUT UP!!! I happen to be on the small size & I can't afford to fix anything so she should have some consideration for her viewers & stop mentioning them AS MUCH AS SHE DOES!!!! Most of the time she doesn't have to talk about them.....its all about HER!!!!

    I want to like her...Im sure she is a nice person off camera. She can't handle not being the center of attention that it gets embarrassing to watch!!! Im NOT a hater...I want to like her enough to keep watching the show...enough said.
  • Kelly improves any Day!


    Kelly has the spark to entertain, enlighten and inform the audience. She and the show improve any good, bad or sad day of mine.When the show resumed in my city after Season 2010-11, I realized even more the loss. I try to watch LIVE, but also Tivo it, so I don't miss. I enjoy sharing segments with my familylater.

  • Kelly Ripa is the most amazing person ever!

    Kelly Ripa is ultimately the best person in show business. She is fun, quirky, down to earth, and a positive role model for younger girls. She is amazing on Live with Regis and Kelly. I've had the opportunity to meet her and she is so personable and makes a genuine attempt to get to know you. It's never about her. She know the real priorities in life and puts those first. You can relate to her and I LOVE watching her in the morning, or at anytime (Tivo and Hope & Faith) and she can really just make your day amazing! As one person from Kelly's E! True Hollywood Story documentary said.. If you're in a war bunker, the one person you would want in there with you is Kelly Ripa because if she can't save you, she will atleast make you laugh while your there.
  • Amazing actress. A role model to all.

    Kelly Ripa is what all actress should strive to be. She's a great and caring mom, who has, for the most part, her life under control. She is also a successful and extremely talented actress. (And comedian.) From her role as Faith Fairfield on Hope and Faith to being herself on the morning talkshow Live with Regis and Kelly, Kelly Ripa displays her amazing God given gift. I absolutely love her in Hope and Faith! She portrays her character perfectly and never over does it. She's a unique actress with a genuine personality. I just hope that Kelly continues to be the great role model she is, and that others start to follow her example.
  • Kelly is just all around great! She does a fine job co-hosting, is a great actress, can always trigger a laugh from the audience, and even has a wonderful family. This girl is a terrific role model for sure!

    I first heard of Kelly at my grandma's house when Regis was searching for a new co-host. That is when I first got into the show even though I can hardly ever watch it due to school. By the time Hope and Faith rolled around, I wasn't a Ripa fanatic or anything, but I did find out how funny she could be and how great her acting abilities were. Now, I am excited whenever I get a the day off during the week since I get to watch her and Regis. I love her Tide commercial with Mark. Also, Hope and Faith remains on my personal list of favorite shows even though it was cancelled. To sum things up, Kelly Ripa is hilarious, beautiful, and talented.
  • Robotic PR = 10+

    A big THANK YOU to Kelly for talking about the Robotic Program. Our family has been involved with Destination Imagination a similar program for 5 years and these programs are what is right in education today. Hats off to you for seeing and talking about the incredible value of these programs! They need more PR!
  • Kelly the best co-host ever!

    a few weeks ago, Clay Alkins put his mouth over Kelly Ripa. I have seen clips that Ripsa put her hand over the mouth of Regis. I don't know what the beig deal is, but I see Kelly as very sexy but also she's married. that's too bad. You want to know, If I were to co-host "Live with regis and Kelly," and Kelly would put her hand on my moth. I won't be offend, but I find this as very sexy. You heard that right, If Kelly puts her hand on my mouth, It will be very sexy. I would love to see her do that to me.
  • Kelly Ripa handles herself like a professional. Clay was unprofessional let alone untalented. The guy does not hold a note very well.

    I would have responded the same way. Personally, the guy has no talent. Rosey owes Ripa an apology as well! Barbara Walters would never put up with anyone covering her mouth with their hand. Kelly\'s handling it by adding humor was showing restraint. Personally I would have slapped him. There is nothing homophobic in what Ripa said. Many use that same expression and it was not directed in any way towards one sexual preference or another. It was an ignorant response on Rosey\'s behalf. I have gay friends and relatives and have used that same expression with them and hedrosexual friends and relatives. Let\'s get real. My only negative view on Ripa is that she gave to much importance on what Rosey had to say. I wouldn\'t have made the call. Rosey, in my oppinion is hedrophobic and responds in defensive behavior. Why did she have to make it about the gay issue?
  • Kelly Rippa believes she is really the queen of TV talk shows. Her tirade today made her look like a spiteful fool!

    I can't believe Kelly Rippa thinks it is alright for her to ridicule Clay Aiken, bring up pictures of cats when he asked that they not do it, talk constantly about how important she was on "her" show and then go on a tirade about what was done to her by Clay Aiken. What a spoiled brat! I think maybe her opinion of herself is somewhat inflated.
  • She is amazing!

    I love Kelly Ripa! I'm a big fan of the Hope and Faith series' and I think Kelly Ripa works so well with her character and you can really tell that she gets so into her character. I get lost in that show because it's so funny and Kelly really plays her part so well!
  • Kelly super cool!

    Kelly Ripa is a not only a gorgeous human being. Blonde, blue eyes, and a great body! She really cracks me up with her hilarious facial expressions, upright perkiness, laugther, and random comments. She is one good reason why I watch the morning show "Live with Regis and Kelly", they both bring great chemistry to the show. I am a huge fan of Kelly, specially by the way she juggles all the different duties in her life. I watch her show and she does a fascinating job as an actress. She if full of confidence, has a great tv personality, and creative ideas; the qualities I tenderly admire in a celebrity.
  • I love ya Kelly and keep on doing what your doing your GREAT.

    Kelly Ripa is one of the best actress there is. I miss her on All my Children I hope she can come back for at least one episode. She's great on Hope and Faith. She's also funny on Regis and Kelly. She's one of the few celebrities that can have 2 jobs and still have 3 kids and a handsome husband and not let the fame get to her.