Kelly Rowan

Kelly Rowan


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Birth Date: 1967

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Kelly Rowan was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in 1967. Soon her family moved to Toronto, and there she was raised. She attended the Northern Secondary Toronto and learned in the University of Western Ontario. Back in the days of college, Rowan was modeling in order to earn…more


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    • Kelly Rowan: (about filming The O.C.) We actually really do have fun on the set. There are days when we'll be doing a family scene, a dinner scene, and we'll start laughing and the poor crew is just rolling their eyes saying 'Would they just cut it out?'.

    • Kelly Rowan: You become public property. But the fans are actually quite charming, and they're so effusive about the show.

    • Kelly Rowan: (about The O.C.'s success) I had no idea until we'd been shooting for a while, and there was an event on the beach which we went to, and I got out of the car and there were 1,200 people screaming, and I thought, 'Oh, I guess people are watching this programme'.