Kelly Rowan





Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Birth Date: 1967

Birth Name




Kelly Rowan was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in 1967. Soon her family moved to Toronto, and there she was raised. She attended the Northern Secondary Toronto and learned in the University of Western Ontario. Back in the days of college, Rowan was modeling in order to earn money. When she was in University, studying for a degree in English Literature, she found the magic of acting after participating in several commercials. Soon she fell for acting.

Her tough decision whether to leave University in order to join the cast of Mount Royal, was even tougher since she was pretty close to graduation. However, the filming were in Paris. She couldn't resist that, and left, at the age of 20. Afterwards, she continued studying acting in the British American Drama Academy in London. When she returned to America, she moved to New York to attend the Neighborhood Playhouse.

In order to pursue her dream, she moved to Los Angeles. Here, Kelly's career begins. She guest starred in 3 episodes of the famed series Dallas, in 1991. At the same year, she was also cast to Spielberg's movie Hook.

Rowan kept on participating in Canadian productions, such as The Outer Limits in 1995, and in 1998 The Da Vinci Inquest. She even got a Gemini Award for her starring role in the Canadian series Adrift.

Despite being busy in TV, she never forgot the big screen. Kelly was playing with many famous names, as Julian Moore and Sylvester Stallone in Assassins (1995), Samuel L. Jackson in 187 (1997), and Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell in Three to Tango (1999).

In 2002 Kelly join as guest to the cast of Boomtown, and appeared on several episodes. She also guest-starred in an episode of CSI, in which Melinda Clarke was guest. They will both play and star together on The O.C..

In 2003, Kelly was given the role of her life, in The O.C.. There, Kelly is playing Kirsten Cohen, the mother of Adam Brody's Seth and wife of Peter Gallagher's Sandy. She was nominated for Choice TV Parental Units Award in Teen Choice Award in 2005 for her role.

She enjoys every bit of the filming in L.A., and spends time with her mother back in Canada when on vacations. She admits she doesn't get to return home so often. A lot more is yet to come for this promising talented actress, who is surely only in the beginning of the way.