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  • Amazing

    Just like every other character in The O.C., Kelly Rowan really fits her role really well. In The O.C. she plays Kirsten Cohen, a caring mother with an emotionally abusive father and an alcohol problem. Throughout The O.C. she just amazes you episode after episode with her amazing actor. There's even one specific scene in season 2 that was so extraordinarily well done, it earned her an award for it. Towards the end of the show though she didn't stand out as much and felt like she was just filling in. Not really familiar with her other roles outside of The O.C., but she's just amazing in The O.C.
  • Definately underrated! Kelly Rowan is an awesome actress!

    Kelly Rowan is such an awesome actress. She really does bring life to The O.C. she has always played her character "Kirsten Cohen" well, no matter what the role, mood or personality she's there to act out the best she can.

    Kelly Rowan really touched my heart in the third season of The O.C. when her character became an alcaholic and her family, Sandy, Seth and Ryan had to stage an intervention with a man from a rehab facility for alcaholics.
    Kelly Rowan was the best she has ever been in this scene, she made me and everyone that watches The O.C. cry, the way that she admitted that she was an alcaholic was so sad.

    Heres to kelly, hopefully in the last 8 episodes of The O.C we will see some great acting from her!
  • Very good actress.

    Kelly Rowan is not an actress of what is called the \"new generation\" but more the generation of the Desperate Housewives actresses (even if she\'s younger).She is the little thing that gives the show a consistance.Unfortunately her Kirsten Cohen part isn\'s really big,but she performes it very well!The producers seemed to noticed because on season three she really is present and she\'s pulling up this (poor)season.When will she be taken seriously for her acting talent and not just for her good looking( really good in fact ^_^)?Give her a bigger part than just a co-star on a teenage soap(even if like the O.C.).
  • i love kelly rowan i think she is one the best actressess ever!

    kelly rowan is awesome. she is the best part of the o.c. i think she is very talented (even though she cant play golf for beans)i think she is perfect for the role of kirsten cohen. she has done a great job playing the role of a caring wife and mother who turns to alchohol due to problems with her marraige and her father on the o.c.
  • Kelly Rowan is the most talented actress in The OC..

    Kelly Rowan is definetly the most talented actress in the oc, let alone one of the most talented actresses period. She perfectly fits her role in The OC, and plays it so well..she is just meant to be Kirsten Cohen...I think she is best in the show when it comes to problems with sandy, she gets upset, pouts a little, then washes all her problems away with alchohol (which see just did in the last episode even though she's supposed to of have just gotten of rehab.) She is also great in all of her other films (which all seem to be lifetime movies)such as Loving Evangeline or something like that..she didnt play a huge part, but she just had so much originality in it..i just think kelly Rowan is very talented.
  • I like this Actress. How to describe it. It is beautiful, simple, talented...

    I adore this actress. I discovered it thanks to the TV Show "the OC", and since I am to fall under his charm...

    It's beautiful, talented and in the role of Kirsten Cohen... I adore.

    Je n'ai pas encore eu l'occasion de la voir dans d'autres rôles, mais je suis sur que je serait conquis.

  • Sure, Kelly Rowan is an underrated actress, but at least she won't have any bad credentials. She makes The O.C. just as interesting to watch as any other member of the cast. :-)

    Kelly Rowan is a wonderful actress who portrays her role as Kirsten Cohen (on The O.C.) brilliantly, and throughout the course of the series, you will notice that her acting abilities are really put to the test.

    Particularly in the episode where she shouts at Caleb and tries to throw a vase at his head. i really loved that scene. And when she plays drunk.

    She also looks very natural, which is rare in actresses nowadays. Particularly in the third episode \'The Gamble\' at the very end of the episode. She looks like she doesn\'t have any make up on and she looks so... real. And I love the look on her face when Daphne Ashbrook\'s character says to her \"At least this way he ends up with a real mom\".

    I hope she remains on The O.C. as being on a great TV show is far more rewarding than throwing away your license to a crap film anyday.

    We\'re rooting for you, Kelly! :-)