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  • Definately underrated! Kelly Rowan is an awesome actress!

    Kelly Rowan is such an awesome actress. She really does bring life to The O.C. she has always played her character "Kirsten Cohen" well, no matter what the role, mood or personality she's there to act out the best she can.

    Kelly Rowan really touched my heart in the third season of The O.C. when her character became an alcaholic and her family, Sandy, Seth and Ryan had to stage an intervention with a man from a rehab facility for alcaholics.
    Kelly Rowan was the best she has ever been in this scene, she made me and everyone that watches The O.C. cry, the way that she admitted that she was an alcaholic was so sad.

    Heres to kelly, hopefully in the last 8 episodes of The O.C we will see some great acting from her!