Kelly Sheridan

Kelly Sheridan


5/19/1977, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Kelly Sheridan



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Kelly Sheriden
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Kelly Sheridan is a voice actor in the Vancouver area. Her most prominent role has been Barbie in over 15 direct-to-video movies and related Mattel products. In the anime world, Kelly voiced Sango from InuYasha, Hitomi Kanzaki from Escaflowne, Ukyo Kuonji from Ranma 1/2, Leena Toros and Chris…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In her interview with Anime Jump, Kelly mentions her first voice role was at age 13. She originally auditioned for a voiceover but didn't get that one, but a director for another show heard her reading, and asked her to do the role for their cartoon.

    • Although Kelly did not do the major singing roles in the Barbie videos, she is trained in singing and is in the soprano range.

    • Kelly Sheridan got braces on January 19, 2010 at the age of 32. She talks about it in a video blog on her website.

    • Her break through roles were on shows such as My Little Pony Tales, Ranma ½ and Madeline.

    • She has over 50 credits in film, television, theatre and voice-overs.

    • Off campus of Genus' Theatre Company, her most recent credits include Stop Kiss at Festival House and Shifting Point's musical production of Twelfth Night.

    • She acted in Big Love, Eurydice Plays Dead and the 1999 Black Box ensemble when she was a student at Simon Fraser University.

    • Kelly graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater.

    • At Genus' Theatre Company, she has performed in and helped to write the last two productions of Genus': City at Night and Ten Years Later.

    • She was cast in an anime movie called Hakkenden which was released in 1993.

    • She has been nominated Video Premiere Award for Best Animated Character Performance for "Barbie in the Nutcracker" in 2001. She has shared it with Michael Ferraro (animation direction) and Gino Nichele (animation direction).

  • Quotes

  • Sango, Wanda and Hitomi are the best is the world... oh, Kelly is the best as well, well, no duh, she is the voice of them.

    Kelly is the best actress that I have heard of yet. She plays all my favourite chicks in anime: Wanda, Hitomi and Sango! If it were up to me to have someone play a girl in an anime, Kelly would be my first pick. Never underestimate the chicks of anime! I also think that she should play more girls in teenage years and young adult years, because it helps adults understand their children more when she plays the voice of a teenager or young adult, plsu if she is going to be playing a girl in one show that is in a couple, like Miroku and Sango or Van and Hitomi, why not have let her play as Jean.moreless
  • One of the best anime\cartoon actresses I've ever seen by far.

    Kelly Sheridan has got to be one of my favourite animated actresses ever! I'm not a big fan of Inyushia or whatever and many of the other shows she stars in, but I have watched them once in a while and she does a great job in those rolls! I do however watch her in Class of the Titans often and I must say she does an awesome job in the role of Theresa! She really gets into the roll of her character and acts like her; she just does such a good job with her acting. That's about it, I just love her acting, and her and Kirby Morrow are an awesome pair together!moreless