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  • Let's see: RVD loses WWE title to Edge, WTGDMan dreams of character...oh, never mind. Wrong day.

    It seems in my reviews, the person to beat is in fact Mariska Hargitay ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"), and the score to beat is a 9.9 as well.

    MY SCORE: 8 (Mariska STILL wins!)

    Here's what happened before I got to know Miss Stables: Monday, July 3rd, 2006. 11:00 PM on USA. Monday Night RAW's main event is a Triple Threat Match. RVD (champ) vs. Cena vs. Edge. An exhausted John Cena sets Rob Van Dam up for an F-U. Cena lands it but Edge hits Cena with the belt and pins RVD to win the WWE title. Angry, I slam my headphones down and blame Bam Margera, and couldn't finish my story. He gets away with Lita (who I now HATE because of Edge turning into a villain), and I end up dreaming that a mysteriously alluring punk girl is harassing people who Edge has come in contact with, even using Tekken-like moves.
    One of those victims includes Randy Orton.

    Then when I wake up on Independence Day, I go to Wikipedia while creating a character for my 2nd story, and look under 1984 births (this is wrong). I look under January 24 and it reads "Kelly Stables, American actress".

    Bad news struck again on ECW that night. RVD lost the ECW title to ANOTHER villain, the Big Show (SD! vs. RAW 2006 says he weighs 493 lbs.) (*Tekken 2 "New Challenger" orchestra hit SFX*)

    MARISKA HARGITAY (champion 2 wins) vs. KELLY STABLES (challenger)
    SCORE TO BEAT: 9.9

    Tekken 2 in-game text: "A NEW CHALLENGER ENTERS!!" (Mariska gives a disgusted look)

    Tekken 2 Announcer (*orch-hit*): "Kelly Stables!"
    Mariska Hargitay (*faking it*): Oooh, Samara's gonna kill me!
    Samara Morgan (*whispering*): Everyone will suffer... (*transforms into Kelly Stables*)
    Kelly Stables (*Christie Monteiro Tekken 5 speech*): Go easy on me...
    Tekken 5 Announcer: Round One, Fight!

    Here's how Kelly Stables compares to Mariska Hargitay in:
    Looks/on screen = (40/41)
    Hi-score: 40/41 (tied, defeated Shannyn Sossamon)
    Samara lost ALL the points in this category. Therefore, that will be ignored, Samara Morgan is NOT the focus of this review.

    "Samara Morgan": (0/41), others: (41/41)
    (Other characters that Kelly played tied Mariska!)

    As I said earlier, Samara may be scary-looking, but matured in The Ring Two. This also explains why the character lost ALL the points there. Why does Samara even kill anyway in those two films? Just curious...

    Fan base/durability: (36/41)
    High score: (41/41) (Mariska wins)

    Patrick Flueger and Shannyn Sossamon didn't even come close to beating Mariska's record, and neither did Kelly Stables. But they're so darn good. We "love" to love the characters they play, but Mariska does it better, and nobody does it better.

    Oh, and if that wasn't enough...

    Tekken 5 Announcer: "Mariska Hargitay WINS!"
    Mariska Hargitay (*throws Kelly across the screen, Nina-style*): See? I TOLD you nobody does it better.
    Kelly Stables (*Frustrated*): It's not fair! (*slams fists across ground*)
    Mariska Hargitay (*laughs*): That is priceless. That's JUST what I wanted to see. Nice try, though.

  • Kelly Stables is one of the top actresses I have ever encountered either in television or in movies. The sky's the limit on her talent and her potential

    Kelly Stables is one of the top actresses I have ever encountered either in television or in movies. The sky's the limit on her talent and her potential to be a top entertainer. Though I have only seen Kelly Stables, in a few separate character roles, what I have seen impresses me almost beyond belief. Most of her fans were probably introduced to Kelly Stables as I was through her role voicing the character of Will on the hit Toon Disney series “Witch.” She brings such passion and charisma to her work that I honestly cannot picture any other voice coming out of Will's mouth, or any other actress who could play the part even one tenth as well. Additionally, Kelly Stables also does live action acting. In particular, I love her portrayal of Lydia in the independent movie version of Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice… mind you, I am anything but impartial on this issue. Pride and Prejudice is one of my all-time favorite books. On top of her incredible talent, Kelly Stables also has time on her side. Since she is only in her 20s, and since she is already thoroughly accomplished in her field, who knows what kind of achievements we could witness from her for years, if not decades to come.
  • Such a great voice!

    I have never seen Kelly Stables in live acting, but I've heard her on w.i.t.c.h. She has one of the most likeable original voices ever that you just can't help to get to like pretty much instantly. She does such a great job with will. I am also proud to say I have an autographed photo of her on the bulletin board in my room that I'm looking at right now.