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    • In 2017, Kelsey won another Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program playing Blinky on Trollhunters.

    • In 2006, Kelsey won another Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance playing Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons: The Italian Bob.

    • Kelsey is an Advisory Board Member for the Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund charitable organisation.

    • In early June 2008 it was revealed Kelsey had a mild heart attack and was admitted to a Hawaii hospital. Kelsey and his wife, Camille were enjoying a day at the beach when the attack occurred.

    • Kelsey was nominated for 10 SAG Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series from 1995-2004 for Frasier, and won in 2000. From 1995-2002, he was also nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series.

    • Kelsey won a Golden Globe - Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy for Frasier 1996.

    • In the hit BBC-3 series Little Britain, the high school is called 'Kelsey Grammer High'.

    • While starring in Frasier, Kelsey appeared in 2 of NBC's The More You Know public service announcements. His topics included parental involvement and mentoring.

    • Kelsey has starred in 3 different sit-coms with Ted Danson: Cheers, Frasier and Becker.

    • Kelsey Grammer has starred with Patrick Stewart in three different productions: Frasier, X-Men 3 and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    • Kelsey began his acting career at the "Guthrie Theatre" in Minneapolis.

    • Kelsey has four children: son Jude, born 28 August 2004 via surrogate birth, daughter, Spencer Grammer, born October 9, 1983, with Doreen Alderman, daughter Greer, born 1992, with Barrie Buckner and daughter Mason Olivia Grammer, who was delivered by a surrogate mother on October 24, 2001 and weighed in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces. In memory of his sister who was raped and murdered, he named his daughter Spencer Karen. (Karen was his sister's first name). His son was named after his maternal grandfather, Gordon Cranmer, who helped raise him and his sister. He passed away when Kelsey was 11.

    • In 1982 Kelsey's daughter, Spencer, appeared on an episode of Cheers alongside him. She went on to star in As the World Turns and Greek. His wife Camille appeared on Frasier in 1997, in the episode Halloween.

    • Kelsey has suffered a number of losses in his life. His brother was attacked and killed by a shark, his sister was murdered outside of a Red Lobster restaurant in Colorado Springs, and his father was murdered in the Virgin Islands.

    • Kelsey says his favorite episode of Cheers was the one titled Dinner at Eight-ish.

    • Kelsey frequently portrays characters with pompous and/or pretentious tendencies.

    • Kelsey has been married three times. He was married to Doreen Alderman, a dance instructor from 1982 to 1990. In 1992 he married Leigh-Anne Csuhany, a stripper, but divorced her one year later. In 1997 he married a former Playboy model, Camille Donatacci, she filed for divorce in 2010.

    • Kelsey stands at 6'1" (1,86 m) tall.

    • Kelsey continues to have many guest appearances on the comedy The Simpsons, providing the voice of Sideshow Bob. On one episode David Hyde Pierce supplied the voice of Kelsey's brother, mimicking the relationship between the two on Frasier. This joke was repeated and extended a decade later, when Pierce once again played Bob's brother, and John Mahoney played their father.

    • Kelsey is the only actor to receive an Emmy nomination for playing the same character in three different shows (Two nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series on Cheers, a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his appearance as Frasier Crane on Wings: Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes, and six nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor on Frasier, four of which he won).

    • Kelsey played the part of Frasier for over 20 years, tying him with James Arness from Gunsmoke, for the longest duration playing the same character on television.

    • Kelsey has his own autobiography, Thus Far...

  • Quotes

    • Kelsey: I got fired when I was a dishwasher at Denny's. That set me back a little bit. You don't realize how important dishwashers are until you do the job.

    • Kelsey: (joking that friend Woody Harrelson is too close to Matthew McConaughey) We've shared so fun times. I don't see him so much now. He has a new boyfriend. I'm kind of upset about that.

    • Kelsey: Life is supposed to get tough.

    • Kelsey: So every human being on the planet can identify with the X-Men.