Ken Akamatsu

Ken Akamatsu


7/5/1968, Kanagawa, Japan

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Ken Akamatsu


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Full name: Ken Akamatsu
Job: Tentatively, cartoonist
Height: 168 cm.
Weight: 50 kg.
Blood type: B
Education: Department of Literature country literature course graduate of Chuo University

In his teenage age, Ken failed an entrance exam of Tokyo University, he applied for Film Study. (so where could…more


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  • Ken Akamatsu, One of the best individuals to make a animated series about certain aspects of his life. I give high praise... I only wish that perhaps one day we might see the rest of the story between Naru and Keitaro from where love hina stopped to the wmoreless

    Ken Akamatsu made me a huge fan basically over night. I have his series Love Hina. I was amazed at how funny and romantic it was. I was impressed and hooked right away. I do feel kind of sad that we only got to see up to the point were Naru, Keitaro and Mutsumi made it into Tokyo U. I think there could be alot more to come.. How about all the books that were written... each one could be a few episodes on a DVD. I personally would like to see what happens for the Wedding of Naru and Keitaro, also what happens for each of the other Hinata Residents. I think that so much could be done with this... I say that Akamatsu did a excellent job... But He left me wanting more... Perhaps someone will let him know... I am sure that I am not the only one who would like to see the wedding of Naru and Keitaro as well as what happened to the other residents on a continuation of the wonderful series.