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Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson


3/6/1976, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Birth Name

Ken Anderson



Also Known As

Kamikaze Kid, Anderson, ^Kamikaze^ Ken, Mr.Kennedy, Mr. Anderson
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Ken Anderson (born March 6, 1976 in a location under debate), better known as Ken Kennedy or Mr. Kennedy, is an American professional wrestler and color commentator, currently performing for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on its WWE Friday Night SmackDown! brand. Career Anderson was trained by All-Star Championship…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Misterrrrrrrr Kennedy...Kennedy!!! is a Rising star. The man who is single handily changing Monday nights

    Misterrrrrrrr Kennedy...Kennedy!!! is a Rising star. The man who is single handily changing Monday nights Some may thing that he is arrogant or a spoiled brat but he can wrestle with the best. On the December 25, 2005 edition of OVW. Ken Kennedy won "Best Newcomer", "Best Gimmick", and "Best Mic Skills" on the 2005 OWW Awards. So we know he will be around for a long time. Mr. Kennedys finishers are the Green Bay Plunge, the Kenton Bomb, and now the Mic check check. Mr. Kennedy should be a world champion in the near future. How about Mr. Kennedy VS John Cena For the WWE championship. Could you imagine the promos they could do about each other Heck even Edge for that matter like in a TLC match. How about Mr Kennedy VS Stone cold Steve Austin At Wrestlemania 25 for a WWE championship. Stone Cold Steve Austin was an inspiration of his to become a wrestler. Misterrrrrrrr Kennedy...Kennedy!!!moreless
  • I love him!

    Some may think he's an ass or a brat but he sure as hell is justified in acting the way he does. He is a great superstar, undoubtly one of the best currently in the WWE. He doesn't get as much respect as he should. I saw him perform at Monday Night Raw 10-08-07 and he was amazing. He went against Jeff Hardy and the crowd was just perfect. People were chanting Kennedy and Hardy. I was cheering on both because the performance they put on was great. Sure he dissed our town as he does every other but it was still a great night and one of the highlights was getting to see him.moreless