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Ken Blackburn, O.N.Z.M.

Ken Blackburn, O.N.Z.M.


Bristol, England

Birth Name

Kenneth Colster Blackburn



Also Known As

Ken Blackburn, Kenneth Colster Blackburn
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Ken was in Bristol, England in 1935 and educated both in the UK and New Zealand. He has been trained in acting and directing, and has been recognized as one of New Zealand's premier theatrical gems. He has had a long and varied career on stage, television, radio,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2011, Ken won Best Actor for Antonio's Secret at the Las Vegas Short Film Festival Awards.

    • Ken's short film credits include 2011's Antonio's Secret, (Antonio), Ace of Diamonds Productions, Dir. Danny Phillips, 2010's If We Are To Be Eaten By Wolves (Nicholas), and 2009's One Hearse Town (Jack).

    • In 2004, a group of investors announced that they were going to begin doing hovercraft tours of the Wellington Harbor, and that they had hired Ken as their Director of Cruise Services. His position included giving commentary on the heritage aspects of the harbour for tourists.

    • Ken worked as a voice actor in the Lord of the Rings movies. While he wasn't the voice for the Ent Treebeard, he was used as they were shooting scenes with Treebeard, so that the actors could respond to the lines naturally. John Rhys-Davies voice was added later by the editors.

    • In 2002, Ken lead the Wellington Citadel Band combined with Maori performers and dancers in a production titled A New Zealand Homecoming- Te Hokinga Mai to welcome the visiting Salvation Army General John Gowans.

    • Ken has been Associate Director of both the Downstage and Mercury Theatres of Auckland, New Zealand.

    • Ken toured with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra as narrator for their production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

    • Ken has written a book titled Blitz Kids on WWII. The book was chosen for publication by the BBC as part of their celebration the 50th anniversary of VE Day in 1995.

    • Ken won "Best Actor" at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards for his role of Vladimir in Waiting for Godot. In 2003 he also won the Dominion Post Award for "Costume Designer of the Year" for Wind in the Willows.

    • Ken has done numerous commercials, including those for Pepsi's Nike shoe promotion, Griffon Somerset Crackers, and Coffeehouse Royale.

    • Ken's theatre credits include:
      (2013) Motel "Motel Manager", Basement Theatre, dir. Todd Rippon
      (2013) Anne Boleyn "Parrot/Courtier/Countryman", Auckland Theatre Company, Dir. Colin McColl
      (2012) Death of a Saleman, "Ben/Various", Peach Theatre Compnay, dir. Jesse Peach
      (2011) Othello "Duke/Gratiano/Clown", Maidment Theatre, dir. Jesse Peach
      (2009) 4 Flats Whites In Italy "Harry", Court Theatre, dir. Ross Gumbley
      (2009) Entertaining Mr Sloan, Circa Theatre, dir. Conrad Newport
      (2007) Who wants to be 100?, "Alan Webster", Court Theatre, dir. Ross Gumbley
      (2005) Milo's Wake, "Milo O'Connor", Circa Theatre
      (2005) The Cherry Orchard, "Pischyk", Circa Theatre
      (2005) Bright Star, "Rev Edward Hill", Circa Theatre, dir. Susan Wilson
      (2005) Democracy, "Herbert Wehner", dir. Ross Jolly
      (2004) Foolish Acts, dir. Steven Ray

    • In 2005, Ken was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to Acting and Directing.

    • Ken is 5'9" tall, with grey hair and blue eyes.

    • Ken is represented professionally by the firm Auckland Actors.

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