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Ken is a professional gamer from Westminster, California. He is currently a contestant on Survivor Season 17.


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    • Ken: (on alliances in Survivor)The girls would want to align themselves with someone like me rather than a strong threat.

    • Ken: With my personality, I think it'll make the tribe better because when you're suffering out there, you have to have a sense of humor, of course. I don't want to be the guy who's bossing: 'Do this, do that, we're going to die.' I'm never negative.

    • Ken: (on Survivor)
      I'm mentally prepared. I'm not going to choke; I'm not going to freak out. And those are reasons for people to vote you off in this game.

    • Ken: I am the underdog coming into this, people are going to underlook me, underestimate, they probably won't realize that I am here, to the point where at the end, they are going to think, hey, he slipped right through us, we didn't know what hit us, this guy is very dangerous.

    • Ken: Being out here is great, I've never been to Africa, whole new experience, I already got like 12 bug bites, it's just the bugs are so attracted to me, they never had fresh gamer blood before.

    • Ken: My fellow members of the gaming community, they probably will be very jealous of me for being on a reality TV show, how far I've gotten in playing this game, to the next level, Survivor is just the next level.

  • Began to like him, until he got so cocky!

    Kenny seemed to be the underdog. As he didn't have a buff body nor he was mainly a person. That was a professional gamer and played indoors. And admitted to not liking the outdoors. But I liked him at first. As he used his brain and was the brains that broke up. The cocky yellow tribe. After being on the losing tribe. Don't ever underestimate the size of someone. They can beat you with brains, when you seem to have beaten them with brawns. But then, when he tried to get rid of Matty, that is when his overconfidence cost him. And for doing that, he rubbed some people the wrong way. Had he not done that, he would had been in the top three. That was his biggest downfall.moreless