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    • Ken: (on alliances in Survivor)The girls would want to align themselves with someone like me rather than a strong threat.

    • Ken: With my personality, I think it'll make the tribe better because when you're suffering out there, you have to have a sense of humor, of course. I don't want to be the guy who's bossing: 'Do this, do that, we're going to die.' I'm never negative.

    • Ken: (on Survivor)
      I'm mentally prepared. I'm not going to choke; I'm not going to freak out. And those are reasons for people to vote you off in this game.

    • Ken: I am the underdog coming into this, people are going to underlook me, underestimate, they probably won't realize that I am here, to the point where at the end, they are going to think, hey, he slipped right through us, we didn't know what hit us, this guy is very dangerous.

    • Ken: Being out here is great, I've never been to Africa, whole new experience, I already got like 12 bug bites, it's just the bugs are so attracted to me, they never had fresh gamer blood before.

    • Ken: My fellow members of the gaming community, they probably will be very jealous of me for being on a reality TV show, how far I've gotten in playing this game, to the next level, Survivor is just the next level.