Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins


8/28/1940, Dayton, Ohio

Birth Name

Kenneth Jenkins



Also Known As

Kenneth Jenkins
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Ken Jenkins has been acting for the vast majority of his life. He began acting in various high school theatre productions in Dayton, where he was born and raised. Jenkins studied acting at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, not far from his home town. Whilst studying at…more


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    • Ken Jenkins: (about working with Bill Lawrence) Bill is so good at preparing things for the last second, it's no use preparing for a character because at the last second, it's going to change beautifully.

    • Ken Jenkins: (on working with the crew of Scrubs) To have the opportunity to play with the same team for a number of years so you really know each other's timing, each other's move, it's a fantastic gift.

    • Ken Jenkins: (on why he does not watch American Idol) I don't like watching contests because I don't like watching people lose. It makes me squirm.

    • Ken Jenkins: (on why Scrubs should end properly) If you read a great, huge novel and you read it through and then you rip out the last two chapters and don't read them, it leaves you sort of vertiginous. Wait a minute, you're at the top of the Ferris wheel swinging forever, wait a minute, let's get the story resolved.

    • Ken Jenkins: (about life after Scrubs) Who will I become next, what sort of thing will I develop next? You just never know. That's the wonderful part of this game.

    • Ken Jenkis: (on the drama and comedy aspect of Scrubs) We call it "plotville on speed".

    • Ken Jenkins: (about his character's fate on Scrubs} He'll probably show up back in the coffee shop, eating muffins and giving everybody a hard time.

    • Ken Jenkins: (about Scrubs ending abruptly) It's very discomfiting to tell a story, and to be telling a story for seven years, and then not be able to do the ending to it. It's like the longest joke in the world with no punch line.

    • Ken Jenkins: (about the effect of the WGA strike) What it's done to us on a creative thing is leave us in a very strange circus ride. It's like you've been shot up in the air and you haven't come down. It's a very lost kind of feeling.

    • Ken Jenkins: As a teenager, I discovered a love for acting and theater arts that defined me for the rest of my life.

    • Ken Jenkins: Although most people think my character is too rough on the interns, I've been told by some people in the medical field that their 'Dr. Bob' was much tougher. I think the staff just don't realize how hard Kelso's job is.

    • Ken Jenkins: I think science has enjoyed an extraordinary success because it has such a limited and narrow realm in which to focus its efforts. Namely, the physical universe.

    • Ken Jenkins: I was fortunate to discover the world through the words of Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams, and to discover in myself a love for the theater that has shaped my life.

  • The funniest character on Scrubs bar none.

    Dr.Kelso is the funniest character on the tv show scrubs. His racist, sexist, and downright inappropriate comments are nothing short of genius. So many quotable lines!

    This had me in stitches:


    Dr. Kelso and Ted are there, with Carla and Nurse Roberts behind the desk along with a few of their co-workers.

    J.D. passes through.

    J.D.'s Narration: Dr. Kelso was having a little female trouble of his own.

    Carla: Dr. Kelso, the sexual harassment around here has gotten out of control. Yesterday somebody asked Laverne if her boobs were made for walking! It's rude! ...And it makes no sense.

    Nurse Roberts: Paris and Nikki were not amused.

    Carla: You named your breasts after the Hilton sisters?

    Nurse Roberts: Other way around, sugar!

    Ted the Lawyer: Ladies, this hospital's policy on sexual harassment is well-established. Plus--

    Dr. Kelso: I'll handle this. I think what Garfunkle here is trying to say is that you should all take a second, think seriously about what's really bothering you, and then have a big group unbunching of your panties.

    They all gasp, offended, as he walks away."moreless
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    Ken Jenkins is a really cool actor actually, though he is now kind of old and his filmography will be kind to extend, but still I think that he acts really cool. His role in Scrubs is so funny and I think that he is one of the best characters over there, also he has a pear in quite a good movies. He is really good.