Ken Marino





12/19/1968 , West Islip, New York, USA

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Ken Marino, who is best known for his work as a comedian, is an American screenwriter and actor on TV and film. He has divided his time writing comedy sketches, TV scripts, and movie screenplays and appearing in various TV shows and movies.

Ken was born and raised in New York. While studying acting at NYU, he appeared in several theatrical productions, ones in school and some Off-Broadway plays. He began to write during his days on the campus and in 1988, Ken formed the comedy troupe called "The New Group" which was later named "The State: Full-Frontal Comedy" and finally shortened to "The State".

Ken has been on several television guest spots and had a recurring role in Veronica Mars as private investigator Vinnie Van Lowe. In 2008, he joined the cast of CW's one-hour comedy Reaper as the demon who heads the rebellion against the Devil, played by Ray Wise.