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    • Ken: (on the cast of "The Ten") Everybody embraced the project before even showing up to the shoot, and I think that's an unusual thing, and something that in hindsight we really value.

    • Ken: Writing more sketchy stuff or writing more serious stuff is equally as fun to me. I don't like one more than the other.

    • Ken: I want to create with my friends who are extremely talented. If something great comes out of it, awesome. If something good comes out of it, fine. If something not great comes out of it, I still have the experience of working with great, creative people.

    • Ken: My big theory is that comedy is a lot like porno now: there's something out there for everyone.

    • Ken: I've worked with actors who have no respect for writers and just cross things out and say, 'I'm not saying that! It's stupid!' I say, 'Try it, try saying the line first. Maybe there's value to the line, and you're just not seeing it, so give it a shot'.

    • Ken: ('this town' being Hollywood) The one thing I always talk about is that the writer, especially in this town, is God. He's the guy giving you the words so respect the text, play the text, commit to the text and if the text isn't ultimately working, the writer's going to change it.

    • Ken: (on his script writing) I always want to cut the saccharine with something. Maybe that's because of my sketch comedy background or the type of writing I've done before, which is mostly sketch, but I always want to put a 'But' in, or cut the sweetness. I think that only makes the drama of your storytelling more powerful.