Ken Stott

Ken Stott


Edinburgh, Scotland

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Ken Campbell Stott


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Ken Stott was born 1955, to a Scottish father and Sicilian mother. He has a strong connection to both sides of his family, playing the bagpipes and having a holidy home in the Umbrian area of Italy. His father was the Head of English at Ken's school, George…more


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    • (on children reading "Harry Potter")
      Ken: If we're going to make a fuss about children reading books, do it with Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials books, not J K Rowling. I can't believe idiot educationalists are praising children for turning up at school and reading Harry Potter.

    • (on his new boat)
      Ken: I have bought a motor boat but not the kind you might imagine – pointy at one end, white and only to be driven in sunglasses. This is a trawler design, built in the Isle of Lewis. Just a wee trawler but I love it.

    • Ken: I played Hitler (in "Uncle Adolf" on ITV in 2005) and the goal was to understand and make him seem human. I swiftly concluded there's no such thing as evil. We use the word for a situation we can't explain. If you call villains like Saddam, George Bush and Blair (well, he's just a puppet) 'evil', you abrogate responsibility for them being international terrorists.

    • (on his pet hate)
      Ken: Market research analysts. The arts are about being inspirational, not about people with clipboards telling you how the movie should end.

    • (on belonging)
      Ken: I've been wondering where I call home - Edinburgh, London or somewhere else. I've lived in London for years but it doesn't thrill me any more. I have a holiday home in Italy which is really becoming my main home and I have some very good friends there. But I honestly don't know where I call home. It's an unusual thing.

    • Ken: (On Rebus) I turned it down the first time. I was doing [ITV cop drama] The Vice at the time, and they're very similar, and the characters are quite similar. I wanted to distance myself for a wee while. But it came up again and again and I thought ... 'well, there's a lot of pressure here, it's undeniable'.