Ken Weatherwax





Los Angeles, California



Birth Name

Kenneth Weatherwax




Ken Weatherwax was born on September 29, 1955. Ken got his start in show biz in early in the 1960s with Gleem Toothpaste commercials as a child called Chester. He had a brief, but memorable acting career. In fact, the only acting part he has had with Pugsley. He got the part because he is the nephew of actress Ruby Keeler, and half-brother of Donald Keeler. Donald is the actor who played Porky Brockway on Lassie. His Uncle, Rudd Weatherwax was Lassie's trainer. With all these connections around him, he got to screen test for the part of Pugsley Addams on "The Addams Family." The connections may have gotten the interview, but his talent won him the part of Pugsley. He did such a good job on the original television series, that he received the roles in three versions of the series. In 1973 he was the voice of Pugsley in the 1973 animated version. In 1977 provided the voice of Pugsley again in "The All New Addams Family Halloween" cartoon special. Ken has actually felt more comfortable behind-the-scenes vocation as a grip for TV shows including long stints on "The A-Team" and "Full House."