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    • Ken Weatherwax's role of Pugsley Addams was an interesting one. Pugsley was a 10 year old boy who was inventive, energetic and wanted to be a scientics. He liked to build gadgets likes missiles, ray-guns and disintegrators. One of his pastimes was experimenting with dynamite. One can not forget that his hobbies included collecting stop signs from busy intersections. He once collected a "bridge out" sign.

    • Charles Addams, writer for "The Addams Family", helped select Ken Weatherwax for the role of Pugsley. Charles felt that Ken was perfect for the part because he possessed a maniacal smile and a very strange personality.

    • Though Ken Weatherwax enjoyed his experience in front of the camera, he has spent most of his career as a motion picture studio grip. This is where he feels most comfortable.

    • When Ken Weatherwax earned the part of Pugsley on the original "Addams Family" television series, he competed against 500 other children.

    • Ken Weatherwax is the nephew of Rudd Weatherwax. Rudd Weatherwax was the trainer for Lassie.

    • Ken Weatherwax comes from a theatrical family. His aunt is Ruby Keeler who was best known for her role in "42nd Street" as Peggy Sawyer. Her career spanned from 1930 to 1989. In addition, Ken's half-brother of Donald Keeler, who played Porky Brockway on Lassie. Ken's brother is Joey D. Vieira. Joey is best know for his role of Peter Howard in the "The Patriot". Joey has been acting in movies from 1953 until most recently 2006 as Tom Sanders in "Backstage Pass".

    • Ken Weatherwax did such a good job on the original television series, "The Addams Family," that he received the role of Pugsley in three versions of the series. In 1973 he was the voice of Pugsley in the 1973 animated version. In 1977 provided the voice of Pugsley again in "The All New Addams Family Halloween" cartoon special.

    • Ken Weatherwax got his start in show biz in early in the 1960s with Gleem Toothpaste commercials as a child called Chester.

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