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  • kenan started out on all that before getting the lead role along w/ kel on kenan and kel and is now currently on saturday night live

    kenan has done some amazing parts on all that and even kenan and kel challenged his acting giving him all different types of characters..kenan is so funny along w/ kel as mavis and even as miss pidlin..i think that was one of his most memorable roles along w/ pierre escargot and the foreign exchange student..then u cant forget principal pimpel lol..kenan has done such wonderful things and i didnt realize until i saw some old clips that he can sing..hes just such an awesome actor and comedian and i hope he continues to entertain us as long as he can..hes amazing
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    Missing Kenan and Kel
  • A great actor but a comedian...

    Kenan Thompson,
    Was one of the first and one of the legnedary peole to come off the show ALL THAT.He is best know for his work on Nickelodeon in the 90's But left to work on his career.He has starred in some great to good films such as Fat Albert Snakes on a Plane.In 2004 he joined the cast of SNL.His legendary work on ALL THAT didnt seem to help him.All in all he is one of the few to come off Nickand make it big.And i can see him doing great things in the Near Future.But he justs needs to help SNL out.
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    I love Kenan. He's so funny. I grew up watching him. I loved him in All That, Kenan and Kel, Heavyweights, and The Mighty Ducks. Also Goodburger. I wish I could see him in All That and Kenan and Kel again.
  • I used to adore Kenan in my younger days.

    When I was little, Kenan was one of my biggest role models. I used to never stop watching him on shows such as All That and Kenan & Kel. He was quite funny on films too like The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle and Goodburger: The Movie.
    Now that I am older I don't really like him as much but he is still one of my favourite comedic actors.
    Overall, good comedic actor.
  • Kenan Thompson (born May 10, 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American television and film actor.

    Thompson starred on Nickelodeon's All That from 1995 to 1999. He and co-star Kel Mitchell had their own spin-off television series Kenan & Kel which ran 1996 to 2000. Thompson was also the host of the second season of Nickelodeon's animation showcase Oh Yeah! Cartoons.

    Thompson has starred in several films including: Good Burger (1997), based on the All That sketch of the same name, playing Dexter Reed; and Fat Albert (2004), in which he played the title character. He has also had supporting roles in the movies Snakes on a Plane (2006), Love Don't Cost a Thing (2003), Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004) Heavyweights (1995) and The Mighty Ducks.

    Saturday Night Live
    In 2003, after Dean Edwards and Tracy Morgan left the regular cast of Saturday Night Live, Finesse Mitchell and Kenan Thompson joined the cast as featured players. He is the first All That alumnus to appear on SNL. In the 2005-06 season, Mitchell and Thompson became full-fledged cast members (with their places in the feature player credit taken by Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, and, later, Kristin Wiig).

    Characters: Jake Denmont ("Appalachian Emergency Room"), DJ Dynasty Handbag ("Deep House Dish"), DJ Sugar Shock ("Rap Night"), Givindy ("Gays in Space"), Malik (Starkisha's boyfriend), and Marcus [Ritchie B's (Fred Armisen) interpreter]

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    I remember the good ol' mid-90's I was 10 years old and coming from the family I come from I used to block it all out with TV, back then it was mainly Nickloden that I watched. And my most faveriot was Snick, Saturday night nick! All the coolest shows: All that, Kenon & Kell, secret world of Alex meck ETC. Kenon Thompson use to make me laugh out load! He was so funny and so goofy no wonder after only two seasons on All That, Nick gave him and co-star Kel Mitchel there very own show: The Kenon & Kel Show.
    Now its ten years later and Now I sometimes try to watch All that and it sucks, Maybe its because I'm older now that I don't like it...or maybe its because classic actors like: Kenon Thompson, Kel Mitchel, Amanda Bynes only come around once in a decade. Kenon Now is doing SNL {the only reason why I still watch SNL} and I've seen him here and there in movies but I really think that Hollywood is not giving him a break. He should be a mega-star by now! Someone, Please give him a show!!! His so damn funny!
  • Good actor!!!

    He may be a little crazy at times but other then that his really good. I think he should get back in Kenan and Kal though that was where he was the best altough he is really good on Saturday Night Live. I think he was also really good in All That.
  • Kenan Thompson

    He is one of the best comedians around (Him and Kel Mitchell). They were funny in their show Kenan and Kel. I wish their show hadn't ended because it was so funny. I also seen him in one film Kenan and Kel Good Burger. He and Kel were good in that.
  • One of the best rising stars of this generation.

    One word to describe Kenan Thompson is talented. Another is funny. Kenan is one of best rising stars. He's been in various movies, Love Don't Cost A Thing, Barbershop 2, and Fat Albert were all pretty good films. Most important though is he was one of the funniest cast members on All That.

    I first saw Kenan on All That. He was my favorite cast member because he was the one who always made me laugh. He played several rememberable roles such as Piere Es Cargo and Superdude was my favorites. He and Kel made a great duo. The two did various roles together also.

    After All That, Kenan and Kel got their own show. 'The Kenan and Kel' show was funny. Even though Kel was the comedy-relief, I felt Kenan was funny himself. I'd toon in ever Saturday night just to watch the two.

    Now Kenan is part of the Saturday Night Live cast. I don't watch that show vary often however.

    I've seen Kenan in a number of movies lately. My favorites though was Barbershop 2 wherehe played Kenard, the annoying barber, and Fat Albert, where he played everyone's beloved Fat Albert.

    Kenan has been making a name for himself. I really hope he continues his acting career. He's talented enough to be one of the greatest.