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Kendre Berry

Kendre Berry


3/14/1991, Flint, Michigan

Birth Name

Kendre' DeQuan Berry


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Kendre Berry was born in Flint, Michigan, March 14, 1991 to Ken and Telishia Berry. Kendre has appeared in many shows such as \"girlfriends\" as Jabari, six feet under as durrell,and Ned's declassified school survivalmoreless

    Kendre Berry is a great actor! I have watched him on \\\"girlfriends\\\" as Jabari, which airs on the cw. I have watched him on six feet under as durrell, and Ned\\\'s declassified school survival guide as \\\"backpack boy\\\"! lol And I think he should get his own show. He makes me Laugh and i\\\'m sure I\\\'m not the only one also he is very cute.He is even in an upcoming movie called \\\"Shredderman\\\" in 2007.Out of 10,000 contestants, Kendre made it to be one the top five finalists to appear with the cast of All That on Nickelodeon\\\'s one hour special, \\\"R U All That\\\". After the contest, he performed as a guest on the show \\\"All That\\\".When Kendre was seven years old, his mother heard the Oprah Winfrey Show announce that they were having a search for kids for an episode with Bill Cosby promoting his \\\"Little Bill\\\" books. She sent in a video of him performing a Jell-o pudding act with his puppet, Jamal. His video was selected and aired on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Don\\\'t You think he should get his own show? Well I do, and i\\\'m 110% behind him alll the way!!!!moreless