9/8/1972, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
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Former MTV VJ


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    • Kennedy landed her own morning radio show in 1999, on KQBZ-FM in Seattle, Washington.

    • Kennedy was a correspondent for CBS Sports at the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan, covering snowboarding.

    • Kennedy was an invited guest speaker at the 1996 Republican National Convention.

    • Kennedy is the author of the book Hey Ladies! Tales and Tips for Curious Girls, published in 1999.

    • Kennedy often gets a hard time from the liberals in Hollywood for being a conservative Republican, even though she proudly claims a strong Libertarian streak.

    • Kennedy was voted 'Most Hated MTV VJ' in a Rolling Stone magazine reader's poll.

    • Kennedy graduated from the University of California of Los Angeles with a degree in philosophy in 2005.

    • Kennedy was known as 'The Virgin Kennedy' during her time with Los Angeles radio station KROQ.

    • Kennedy is married to former professional snowboarder Dave Lee, they welcomed their first daughter, Pele Velentina on Juy 1, 2005.

    • Kennedy has a pink Republican elephant tattooed on her upper thigh, and the logo of the band 'Rocket From the Crypt' tattooed on her ankle.

    • Kennedy was hired on as a disc jockey, and given her own show on KROQ. The exposure from her radio days got her noticed by MTV, and she switched to television VJ. She was quickly voted 'Most Hated VJ', and responded by wearing a tiara and carrying roses on the set of her now-cancelled show Alternative Nation.

    • Kennedy speaks at colleges, of her life and career experiences. She advises students to pursue an internship before commiting to any one thing. Being in the actual environment will help determine if the drive and ambition to continue on are present.

    • Kennedy enjoyed working in the radio station environment, it provided her with the feel of a business, as well as the creative freedom to use her mind.

    • Kennedy's parents urged her to attend a year of college in France, but she was unable to do so, because of the fighting in the Middle East. Having not applied to any colleges in the United States, she took an unpaid internship at Los Angeles radio station KROQ.

    • Kennedy followed the political crowd in high school, she held an internship at the Oregon state representative's office and was involved in numerous extracurricular political activities.

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