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  • Great in all he does.

  • Kenny Johnson played Lem one of my favorite characters on the sheild I am thrilled to see him in another tv show especially on a network like tnt

    I was excited to find out that Kenny Johnson getting a role in another tv show. I have been a fan of The Sheild since it first came out and Lem was always my favorite character. I was extreamly disapointed when he was killed off. It will be cool to see him play a good ole boy from Oklahoma rather than a stike team cop. He should do fine at it though this role also offers up more humor than The Sheild did. but if you have ever seen major leage three he does have a good comedic repore like I said before i am glad to see Kenny Johnson doing another tv show You Rock Man
  • Heart of the strike team, best looking of everyone in the show, it's terrible that they killed Lem off.

    One of the most hansome men I've ever seen. I loved him in the FX show "The Shield". The show won't be as good without him there. I cannot belive his charcter was killed off, it's a shame. I LOVE LEM!!!! He was the only one that actually cared about all the stuff that was going on wht the "strike team" Shane should get life in prison for dropping that grenade in poor unexpecting Lem's car. Poor guy, my god. Now he's at peace, I guess. Im still so pissed, they should have at least sent him to mexico or even jail for cameo apperances. I will be looking for any thing with Kenny Johnson in it, he's a great actor, and he's so hot!
  • He was the conscience of the Strike Team...

    Kenny Johnson was just great on the Shield. He manages to pull off a down and out pretty boy thing. I hope he get some good roles in the future, I've seen hime playing the sheriff on the new Aquaman show, Vig Rhames is on the show too, huh.
    I hope kenny makes the jump to movies in the future. He would be good for that new David Milch show about southern California Surf families. That was a truely heart breaking scene when Shane blows him up with the grenade, and devestating when we relize he's not yet dead, good luck Kenny.
  • Our family is mourning the lost of Detective Curtis Lemansky.

    What a waste that Detective Lem has to die off!!! Detective Curtis (Lem)Lemansky was my family favorite character from The Shield. Our family took a vote. Who should have died was Detective Shane Vedrell (Walton Goggins) or Detective Shane wife. Too bad the writers did not leave opportunity to bring back his character. Lem character made the Strike Team have a conscious. Kenny Johnson performance in The Shield was marvelous and genuine.

    True and loyal fan of The Shield
  • What an incredible talent Kenny Johnson is. When his Shield character died ... proved to viewers that as an actor, he can also be human; not just read lines. He sucked us all in emotionally, and we felt like we lost a friend, not just an actor.

    Kenny Johnson appears to be a true, humble man. His status on The Shield could grant him the right to be cocky, yet in all interviews you see, he is every bit as gracious as someone just starting out in the business. I expect to see great things happening to Kenny Johnson, and I expect to see his career soar. What a gifted, talented actor he is.
  • for most of his acting career, kenny johnson has been under-utilized. the shield's 5th season finale should change all that!

    kenny johnson has recently become almost a household name. the season finale of the shield, the entire last season in fact, gave kenny numerous opportunities to show his talent and scope as an actor. scores of people fell in love with lem and that last episode has left them all crying, really crying! he was such a loveable character (and so is kenny) that heterosexual men are questionning their feelings, worrying about appearing obsessed, etc.
    in Zzyzx (a richard halpern film) kenny shows us again how he can fit into a role. as lou he was about as malevolent as he could be, but still intriguing... the perfect "disturbed young man."
    in major league 3, kenny was brilliantly goofy, charming and deep all at the same time. it's hard to find a solid biography of him anywhere, but i dont' believe he ever studied ballet or dance. somehow he manages to pull it off very well!
    to top it all off, kenny is really a nice guy. he's open and honest with his fans, taking every opportunity he can to communicate with them. he posts on message boards with them and really shares pieces of himself. that's very refreshing and just serves to keep people falling in love with him on a daily basis.
    hollywood better wake up and start offering kenny some really meaty roles or his ever-growing fan base is going to start stirring things up. count me in on that! i have complete and total faith that he can pull off anything in any genre, except maybe singing. i don't know if he can sing.... i'll go post and ask him!
    kenny johnson is awesome!!!!!!!
  • He is such a great actor!! Give me his number please!! :)

    I think he is not only a very handsome man, I think he is a very talented actor and I think it's a shame we won't be seeing him on the shield. Lately with the things happening to Lem with internal affairs, and trying to be faithful to his friends, Kenny Johnson's acting has been very moving. He is a very convincing actor and I hope to see him in something else, because I think it would be a real shame if I just never saw him on TV again. As I said in the classification, this guy really does deserve his own show, and I don't think many TV series co-stars do. I just hope things work out well for him. And maybe for there to be some weird story twist on the show where they faked his death and he is safely in Mexico...I hope.
  • Kenny Johnson's of FX's The Shield is a talented actor.

    Kenny Johnson is the very talented actor from FX's "The Shield." He charcter Lem is the soul of the stike team. Mr. Johnson protrays Lem as a conflicted soul. The actors soulful eyes tell us the story of Lem's pain of the man he wants to be and the man that he is. His ucler tell us his inside struggle. Mr. Johnson does an excellent job of showing us all sides of Lem, even when he has no speaking lines. His performance on the "The Shield" is one that should not be missed.
  • I can\'t stand the fact that \"Lem\" is gone from the Shield.

    The finale was great but also very tragic. I wish this was a dream sequence instead. I hope this doesn\'t effect the show\'s amazing quality in the future. This has truly bummed me out. He was so loyal to the Strike Team. His character could have even grown to something huge and made the Shield one of the greatest shows to have ever aired. We will miss you Kenny Johnson!!
  • An amazing actor that we need to see more of.

    I have been a Kenny Johnson fan for quite some time now. His latest role as Curtis "Lem" Lemansky on The Shield is without a doubt my favorite.
    I have never in my life been so emotionally attached to a tv character as I am with Lem.
    Kenny is a kind hearted, down to earth man. He is a gem.
    His work in the series has been phenomenal, but in this final episode he has made me feel things that I didn't think were possible. I cried like a baby when Lem was killed, because of the emotional connection that he let us all feel toward him.
    I can only hope and pray that Kenny moves on to other projects where he can continue to entertain us in the way that only he can. Kenny needs to be in the spotlight more. I feel this way because altho the Shield is an amazing show, many people became drawn to it more so this last season as the story line was around Kenny's character. RIP LEM, we love you.
    Kenny Johnson is amazing, talented, inspiring, underrated, and deserving of great things to come his way.