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    • Kenneth Johnson: (about the death of his character on The Shield) I was extremely happy it was one of my guys. To me, if they had a bad guy set me up or kill me in jail, it seemed people would get something like that, but the way they did it, I couldn't be happier. Shawn wanted people to be affected by this, have it be one of the great deaths, to be memorable in everyone's minds. They were really wonderful about it, they paid me for the next season and you never hear about that happening.

    • Kenneth Johnson: I love people! I am a people person. I am a very curious human being. I am very interested in what people have to say. I love cultures too, so I am always traveling. I am very thankful for anybody who follows anything I do. I never take it for granted that people are out there watching. I want to thank them for giving me the time.

    • Kenneth Johnson: (about acting and being dyslexic) I have people read to me aloud. I can read it and read it, but it doesn't settle in. When somebody reads it aloud to me, I learn it very quick. The thing with dyslexia is that it's still there and I have that fear every time I grab scripts. Of course, I read if I have to, but it will take me four or five times longer than any other person. Reading is definitely one of the hardest things for me, but at the same time, it's good because it practices the instrument to get it better. Reading is great because creatively, it takes you to so many different journeys when you read the scripts.

    • Kenneth Johnson: (in response to "What is the downside of being famous?") There isn't one! lol I don't feel like I'm famous – I may be recognized but I'm not famous like Brad Pitt and people like that so it's hard for me to find a downside to it right now.

    • Kenneth Johnson: In my work, I just want to tell a story and help people go on a journey. I'm glad any fans that I do have and I'm usually not aware of it until I get out there or read a message board. I want to thank everyone who follows my work.

    • Kenneth Johnson: (advice to would-be actors) Work hard - be tenacious. Don't give up. Let in happen naturally when it's supposed to. Deep in your heart you'll know if you're supposed to be doing it. When something is right for you it will be right for you. Believe in why you are doing it. Don't give up. Be persistent. Don't take anything personally. It may not be when you want it to be, but you should wait. People get into things for the wrong reasons sometimes. So give it time and keep trying. I had a lot of rejections for a long time.

    • Kenneth Johnson: (on his tattoos) 3 Japanese symbols, top...means Faith or Trust, middle Life, bottom Change. These have been my life long issues. For so long I had no trust in anyone, I couldn't appreciate life and I knew I needed to accept change in order to function. They are my reminders of part of my journey to trust, find appreciation for life and to roll with change. Once I found these things I tattooed them on my back.