Kenneth Mitchell





11/25/1974 , Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Kenneth Alexander Mitchell




Kenneth spent summers at Kilcoo Camp in Minden. He attended first as a camper then camp instructor and then camp counsellor.

He attended a high school for the arts in Toronto that allowed him to try different forms of art, both performance and fine. Looking for a career that was practical but let him use his artistic side, Kenneth decided on the Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Guelph in Guelph Ontario. At U of G, Kenneth did take one drama but most of his time was focused on his studies and soccer. After five years, including a final year in Australia, he graduated with a silver medal from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects.

After the U of G, Kenneth went to work in the landscape architecture department of ESG International Inc., an environmental consulting firm based in Guelph. Kenneth worked on designs of trail master plans including: the TransCanada Trail, the City of Toronto bicycle master plan and a multi-use outdoor sports facility for Guelph. Kenneth told U of G "Profile" reporter Andrew Vowles that he enjoyed the work and appreciated the flexible hours that allowed him to fit in occasional round trips to Toronto for auditions. He began to get parts in television commercials. Kenneth then transferred to ESG's Toronto office, where; he met an agent and began working with acting coach David Rotenberg, learning to prepare for parts and how to listen and "be present" in a scene.

His first major role was in 2000, co-starring with Gena Rowlands in Charms for the Easy Life. Next came the sci-fi movie Odyssey 5, which became a TV series with Kenneth continuing his role as Marc Taggart. This was followed by a part in The Recruit with Al Pacino and Colin Farrell. Kenneth also played Chris in the short film Why Don't You Dance?, which premiered at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival.

For the 2004 movie Miracle, about the US Olympic team's "Miracle on Ice," Kenneth had the notable role of Ralph Cox, the last player cut from the team before they moved on to the 1980 Olympics. Kenneth has become a familiar actor to many through his guest starring roles on shows such as: The Unit, CSI, and Grey's Anatomy.

Kenneth's recent movie appearance is in the Haley Joel Osment 2007 film Home of The Giants.